Shots Fired At Police After Attempted Traffic Stop In Dorchester County – State Police Searching For Vehicle

Shots Fired At Police After Attempted Traffic Stop In Dorchester County – State Police Searching For Vehicle

January 12, 2019

(FINCHVILLE, MD) – Maryland State Police are searching for a vehicle and its driver after shots were fired at police during an attempted traffic stop yesterday in Dorchester County.

The vehicle is described as a tan/gold 2002 Oldsmobile Alero with Delaware tags. The Delaware license plate number is 186063.  State and local police are actively searching for the vehicle and the driver. Police believe the driver was alone in the vehicle at the time of the shooting.

Just after midnight on January 11, 2019, troopers from the Easton Barrack attempted a traffic stop for a speed violation in the eastbound lane of Route 392 in Dorchester County. The driver refused to stop.  A short pursuit ensued as police continued to attempt the traffic stop with their emergency equipment activated.

After approximately six minutes, the driver fired several shots out of the driver’s side window, striking the trooper’s marked Ford Explorer multiple times.  The driver continued to flee, reaching high rates of speed.  The Alero was last seen traveling eastbound on Route 392, east of the Finchville light towards Delaware.

Trooper 4 from the Maryland State Police Aviation Command responded to assist with locating the vehicle. Crime scene analysts from the Forensic Sciences Division responded to the scene to collect evidence.

No one has been arrested or charged with any crimes at this time.  Investigators from the Maryland State Police Criminal Enforcement Division Upper Shore Region are actively investigating this case and ask anyone with information about this incident to call the Easton Barrack at 410-822-3101.  All calls may remain confidential.


7 thoughts on “Shots Fired At Police After Attempted Traffic Stop In Dorchester County – State Police Searching For Vehicle

  1. Yeah, they explain that “the vehicle was last seen…”. No mention that the Sergeant ordered them to discontinue the pursuit. And they wonder why they are having problems attracting applicants. Who wants to work for an organization that allows criminals to try to kill you with no repercussions?


  2. All Police Departments have their own rules involving pursuits. But if their was ever a time to chase an offender this was the time. Attempted murder of two troopers they should have chased this asshole till the tires fell off their car. The Sergeant that called the chase off is a ball less pussy that should be ashamed of himself. He or she should also review that rules and regulations are a guide not a bible. So maybe you spend a day at I/A if you can explain your actions you usually make out ok. But if you have no balls you do what you did “pussy” go grow a pair.


  3. At 9:05 you must be a LEO because you know names and operational procedures. That said you are 100% correct this is a felony case, an attempted murder of the troopers. They should have been free to apprehend this animal. Actions like this are why their is little respect for law enforcement. These animals think they can do what ever they want. I feel bad for LEO of today In my day we gave respect and got it in return. Only the criminal element disrespected the Police and most of them learned the hard way that was not a good idea. Also what genius came up with a supervisor sitting behind a desk directing LEO next move. Wish all of Law Enforcement the best you guys have a tough job.


  4. The most GLARING FACT that is missing from this “cover your ass” “press release” is that, AFTER the Troooers vehicle was struck THREE times by gunfire, the Duty Officer ordered the Troopers to discontinue the pursuit. Are you fucking kidding me? A guy just tried to murder two Troopers and the Duty Officer tells them to discontinue their pursuit. What message does that send to criminals? That, if you want to get away and have the police stop chasing you, just shoot at them. What message does it send to the Troopers? That, as usual, MSP doesn’t support you and that your life means NOTHING!! That supervisor has lost all respect of his subordinates. He is a fucking joke. A felony, committed in the presence of two Troopers, not to mention attempted murder of two Troopers and the Sergeant tells them to stop the pursuit. It was after midnight. There is NO traffic on the road and no pedestrians. SMDH. This is what happens when you have Barrack Commanders and Troop Commanders with NO EXPERIENCE WORKING THE ROAD making the decisions. The Barrack Commander and Troop Commander spent their entire careers in specialized units and have no experience “on the road”. This is fucking shameful and disgusting. I have heard the violator has been apprehended. However, MSP had to rely on other departments to do their work for them. The Troopers cannot identify the driver because it was nighttime and he was fleeing. He will get off in court. If they had continued the pursuit and made the apprehension, there would be no question that they had the right guy. But, as long as Lt. Garcia and Captain Black keep making up bullshit “initiatives” everything is ok. Right? Whatever it takes to fluff your resume and get promoted again. Just like the shitty initiative he has going on right now. Having Troopers visit the Greyhound bus stops to ask drivers if they have seen any evidence of human trafficking. Ridiculous. Waste of time. MSP’s priorities are so far out of whack is embarrassing. No wonder they are having trouble recruiting. Who wants to work for an agency that, when you are shot at, tells you to “just let them go”.


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