City of Salisbury to Lend Hand to Employees Affected by Government Shutdown

Salisbury – Mayor Jake Day has announced that the City of Salisbury will defer water and sewer utility billing, and will not disconnect or charge any late fees for employees of any closed federal agencies during the Trump shutdown.

The exact number of federal employees and contractors affected by the shutdown in the City of Salisbury is unknown. There are currently 296 federal employees in Wicomico County, including federal contractors. As of Wednesday, January 16th, the shutdown has reached its 25th day, with no end in sight.

“Citizens should not have to worry about basic life necessities like water,” said Mayor Day. “It is my sincerest hope to provide some small relief during this uncertain time.”

In order to qualify, citizens will need to verify their employment with a closed federal agency. Beginning Thursday, January 17th at noon, the online application will be available at

Across the nation, restaurants, corporations, and local and state governments are providing extra support to help their customers weather the shutdown. Mayor Day is encouraging local utilities, mortgage companies, and landlords to look at ways to lessen the impact of this shutdown on federal employees and contractors.

For more information on billing deferment for furloughed federal employees, please call 410-548-3115.


Eligibility: Any property owner who is a federal employee (or has a tenant that is a federal employee) Bills with “Bill Date” or “Due Date” during the shutdown period can be deferred for 6 months after the shutdown.

Interest: No interest or penalties will be charged

Cut Offs: No cutoffs due to unpaid bills during the shutdown period



13 thoughts on “City of Salisbury to Lend Hand to Employees Affected by Government Shutdown

  1. Great help Mayor Day….support those folks while our President fights for our security on the Southern border!! MAGA TRUMP 2020


    1. I can assure you that Jake Day is no Trump supporter. He is only doing this to rub it in the faces of all Trump supporters. You people are too damn stupid to “read between the lines.”


      1. 6:15 speak for yourself! You seem to be the dumb ass….no one said anything about Mayor Day supporting President Trump!!! They simply acknowledged that the City was willing to defer the bill payment for a period of time! You idiot! Still a good move for the Federal employees.


    1. Jake Day isn’t paying their water bills. What the “City” is doing it telling them they don’t have to pay their water bill for 6 months. After 6 months the user has to pay the bill in full for the previous 6 months which will on be 2 cycles. For instance I just paid mine and it was $110 dollars. If I was a Federal employee after 6 months I would have to pay roughly $220 dollars. Big F’n Deal!


  2. Well thats nice but what about the people who have been affected by democrat policies for decades now. Those policies being open borders and liberal immigration policies which are directly responsible for people being paid slave wages and haven’t been able to make ends meet forever. What about those people! They have never been able to pay their bills in a timely fashion. They can’t even buy homes and is why Salisbury has an extremely low rate of owner occupied homes. What about those people!


  3. and what about the democrats living it up and partying in Puerto Rico with big business lobbyists. You better believe the lobbyist told them to stand their ground against the President so the big companies and it’s higher ups get richer on the backs of the American worker. This is what it is all about. democrats want people kept in chains and not able to get out of poverty. Anyone that denies this is a liar or a brainless fool.


  4. 7:02…..every person has to count the cost of any personal undertaking…..know the cost before you jump into the frying pan! If can’t pay the taxes, water bill, electric bill, insurance or mortgage…..don’t sign on the dotted line, just good common sense!!! Every person should live within their means…..can’t live off more than you bring home. If you are waiting for politics to solve the problem… have a better chance of hell freezing over!


  5. To those Trump haters…. Sen. Ben Cardin, is wasting your tax dollars by paying for an office in Salisbury Maryland that he has never used or manned….. All those illegal children that will go to school, who will be paying all that extra money to make room for them, and all those extra teachers and all those extra lunches. When the illegals come live in your community who will pay for all the extra police, EMT’s and Firefighters….The Dem’s and the Liberals all think Government money is The Government, No The Government is to be Good Stewards of the Monies they have been Given, Dem’s and liberals alike are very very very wasteful…..


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