January 16 Open Discussion Thread

This is for everyone that wants to speak on any topic without hijacking other threads.  Have fun and keep it civil.


14 thoughts on “January 16 Open Discussion Thread

  1. The animals are out of control at Bennett High School with them fighting yesterday and climbing and standing all over the dining tables. Donna Hanlin needs to be fired for promoting and incompetent Amy Eskridge to be the *Principal at Bennett High School. There currently is NO leadership at the Bennett High School and there are too many students for one Vice Principal to control. That high school is dangerous and OUT OF CONTROL!! But if you want, you had the opportunity to meet with Dr. Hanlin one on one for 15 minutes yesterday to voice your concerns. What a F’n Joke she is. Please do a post on this to allow the taxpayers in Wicomico County Fkd Up our Board of Education is. The liberals ruin everything.

    Time for the Board of Education, the County Council and the County Executive to have a Press Conference on this and a vote of No Confidence for Donna Hanlin.


    1. Be sure to Thank a democrat for the out of control schools. More of obama’s policies meant to fool the moronic peons who support him. Under his education dept it became nearly impossible to discipline students. This is what lead and is directly responsible for the school St Valentines massacre in Florida last year. Again be sure to Thank a democrat. They are ALL that is wrong in the country.


  2. Rommel Harley Davidson looking to purchase the Gander Mountain Building, go before zoning tomorrow!!! Loud pipes saves lives…..


    1. This drunken idiot, Jakey Boi, doesn’t know right from left, leaves the scene of accidents, lies to police, so why would anyone listen to him anyway. And he wants to be recognized as Mayor? Don’t think so. Real nice example for your kids. It’s more like this person is an example of what you don’t do.


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