17 January Open Thread

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6 thoughts on “17 January Open Thread

  1. The animals are out of control at Bennett High School with them fighting yesterday and climbing and standing all over the dining tables. Donna Hanlin needs to be fired for promoting and incompetent Amy Eskridge to be the *Principal at Bennett High School. There currently is NO leadership at the Bennett High School and there are too many students for one Vice Principal to control. That high school is dangerous and OUT OF CONTROL!! But if you want, you had the opportunity to meet with Dr. Hanlin one on one for 15 minutes yesterday to voice your concerns. What a F’n Joke she is. Please do a post on this to allow the taxpayers in Wicomico County Fkd Up our Board of Education is. The liberals ruin everything.

    Time for the Board of Education, the County Council and the County Executive to have a Press Conference on this and a vote of No Confidence for Donna Hanlin.


    1. I disagree there was a food fight yesterday. Eskridge and Binns have been mostly competent in their jobs . They should’ve acted sooner on the rumors regarding Mitchell. I have kids it Bennett and feel it is still a safe environment. Once Hanlon replaced Fredrickson the violence in schools dropped dramatically


      1. You can disagree all you want and I don’t give a fuck how many kids you have that go there. I work there and I am telling you there was a food fight there you stupid douche bag. Eskridge and Binns are two incompetent “Leaders” and I use that term loosely and they should both be fired.


  2. 9:52 is the curse words you use for a dramatic effect? If so it doesn’t work! We no doubt realize there are problems in the WBOE….but your language won’t fix it. You have to move to Europe for a “No Confidence” vote. Go to the County meetings, I’ve been several times and it’s basically the same few that show up! You want to solve issues get involved personally the keyboard on a blog won’t get it done.


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