Shooting In Crisfield

non fatal in the Housing Authority, more info to come


9 thoughts on “Shooting In Crisfield

  1. Sad, it is said that we need to accept change. I remember when in my youth many yeas ago, Crisfield was a nice place to drive to from Salisbury. It was laid back and the life style was refreshing and envied.


  2. It’s sad that Crisfield which was once a nice area to live or visit. I remember the elders sitting on porches, youths playing alone the streets and in parks at Somers Cove. I lived there for many years, many in Somers Cove and it has changed dramatically. The Old folks turned into young folks Apts with drug activity. Elders can’t enjoy their porch or yards, kids can’t play outside for fear of losing their lives. Wake up People. Stop the violence put the guns down. It’s not the city it’s the young people. Gangs in Crisfield yeah ok. Put them further up North where the real red n blue’s are. They won’t last a day!! CHA need to get the riff raft out n run it like Mr. Wilson did back in the day.


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