Investigation revealed that the shooting occurred outside the residence of 259 Somers Cove Apartment / Crisfield Housing Authority witnessed by approximately 20 individuals who have yet to provide any information. The individual shot was a recent releasee  from prison who was sentenced in Circuit Court of Somerset County to 10 years for CDS Distribution, his sentence was reduced by the court to suspend all but 5 years, he served 1 year and 7months for distribution of CDS to a Crisfield police undercover officer in Operations COPS conducted by the Crisfield Police Department in the Housing Authority and was back again living at 128 Somers Cove Apartments. The victim was shot twice (elbow) (Side/ thru and thru) is currently in Shock Trauma in Baltimore City with non-life threatening injuries. He is not cooperating with police at this time.  We have received several tips from confidential informants etc. and some concerned citizens as to who may have done this crime.  Crisfield Police Department has brought in several individuals who were at the scene but know nothing or have nothing more than hearsay information at this time.

The Crisfield Police Department is asking for the individuals who saw this crime to please come forward and identify the shooter suspect. There were individuals at the scene, who know who the shooter is and can identify him. Additionally, anyone with any relevant information to this crime can contact Captain Luedtke or Lt Rick Taylor / Crisfield Police Department @ 410-968-1323. On-going Investigation



  1. Is it time to bulldoze that entire project ?? Housing projects like that just brings out the worsted in people. If he was sentenced to X amount of years, they need serve the entire time.
    Their mentality now is , if I’m sentenced to 5 years, I’ll serve 1 to 1.5 with time off for good behaviour. Why not have good behavior before you screw up !!!!!


  2. Nothing actually works right! If you are a felon then you can’t stay at section 8 housing, why is he back living there. Good God 20 people at least saw this, did they ride around and broadcast there was going to be a shooting they should have been in the house trying to stay warm. Oh I forgot they are allowed XX number of dollars paid electric XX dollars of paid gas that’s why in the dead of winter you can ride the 200 section of Somers Cove and upstairs windows are wide open with the drapes hanging out blowing in the wind. Glad crime is down according to Taber I guess he also forgot the murder in the half circle, no I’m wrong, it was coded as a noise complaint. Robberies are coded panhandling and theft is unauthorized use. That must mean prostitution is operating without a business license. Numbers can say anything, please don’t think the public is stupid. Just go figure how many burger and dogs will be needed to feed the thugs on national night out.


  3. If it was a police involved shooting or a white person the witnesses would be lined up to give information to investigators. They lie and claim black lives matter but the truth is a life ONLY if they can make it racial. It’s disgusting how low they have sunk. And where are all these so called black pastors and so called blacks leaders? They should be loudly and publicly pleading for witnesses to come forward. Of course no where in sight because most black churches and 99.9 percent of black “leaders” are phony lying garbage themselves. And if they deny they are only doing more of that lying they do constantly.


      1. do you know what happened EXXON? Then be a responsible adult and do the right thing, and report the real ting you say to the Police. Otherwise don’t show your ignorance! Oh by the way asshole is one word, like I said Ignorance (or uneducted)!


  4. 20 people and none helping get a violent person off the streets. They claim it’s racism but when you behave and conduct yourself like uncivilized savages you are not a worthy person to be thought of as an equal. Disgraceful and it’s going back generations now. Useless losers making babies they have no interest in raising properly. They would all be ashamed is they were raised by real parents who taught morals.


  5. Get ready for more news like this coming from the Penrose Housing Project being built over by Merritt Mill Rd, Tighlman Rd., and Phillip Morris Drive.

    “Putting Housing To Work!” the sign says. Yeah, right. Putting the homicide and drug gang task force investigators to work.

    Thanks a lot Fake Day for arguing in favor of this slum. And for lobbying for an additional $109,000 tax break for Penrose Development Corp. They are already getting taxpayer money to subsidize the thugs that will be living and they wanted another $109,000 gift! Fortunately the city council voted this down.

    Originally this place was supposed to go downtown and Snake Day got it moved out. I live over by here and I guarantee in two years at most this whole area will be another Church St. Can’t sell my home because no one wants to next to a slum containing a bunch of welfare animals.


  6. As for the shooting in Crisfield – who cares? Another drug thug. Too bad the shooter didn’t have better aim and taken out this punk. Now the taxpayers are on the hook for his medical bills.


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