MSP Princess Anne Press Release

On 1/30/2019, Troopers from the Princess Anne Barrack conducted a traffic stop in the area of 13 and Eden Allen Road. During the course of the stop probable cause was developed and a search of the vehicle resulted in the seizure of the following items:

-58.2 grams of Cocaine

-46.1 grams of Marijuana

-Various scheduled pills

-Beretta 9mm Handgun(loaded)

-Taurus .380 Handgun(loaded)

-4 Cell Phones

Both occupants of the vehicle were placed under arrest for possession with intent to distribute CDS, and possession of firearms by prohibited persons.


7 thoughts on “MSP Princess Anne Press Release

  1. Two black males. Can’t say their race because they already commit enough crimes. Gotta make it look like they be goot peepls.


  2. I’d like to buy those 2 hand guns for cheap. Too bad they are going to destroy them instead of selling them to the public and bringing more money into the state to reduce our tax load.


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