It’s Snowing!

Share your snow pictures!

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6 thoughts on “It’s Snowing!

  1. Once all of his millions of customers find out that he exploited the rape and murder of a young child for his own personal gain, that dump will be closed faster than he can say he’s a millionaire.


    1. That’s why he’s trying his black heart BULLSHIT in West ocean city. He’s playing his BULLSHIT with them because wicomico county have had enough. Even Culver doesn’t want him around. Anytime you see the diseased wannabe there is some SCAM going on. He ran many good people out of Salisbury. People well educated and doing a great job for the city. Too bad between him and all the other backstabbing lying hillbillies they left. They found better jobs in better places. Yet he and his LITTLE lying city employees are still here.


  2. Damn….that was a snow picture 8:16! You got to get your blood pressure under control…A$$BURROW not worth the bad health! He won’t last long in business, never does…doesn’t know how to treat folks, remember he’s rich!!! Ha ha ha at least in his little mind.

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  3. What gets me about assbero and his lease warm beer bar is all the SO CALLED REDNECK PATRIOTS TO AMERICA on how he is doing SUPERBOWL SPECIALS ??????? So much for being a patriot huh Joey and your Fake America lovers your a FUCKING HYPOCRITE POS it’s all about your Ego and $$$$$$$$$ FU.


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