Talbot County Sheriff Press Release


February 7, 2019

Threat of Destructive Device, Juvenile Arrests: On February 7, 2019 at approx 8:00 am, staff members of Easton High School were notified that a note had been located in a hallway stating that “Easton High School was going to be blown up”. Easton High School Staff and the Talbot County Sheriff’s Office, School Resource Officer initiated an immediate and thorough investigation, which quickly identified two 17 year old female suspects. The quick actions of the investigative team enabled them to determine the note and threat were unsubstantiated, and there was no immediate danger to students, staff or the school. Further, the immediate and decisive actions of the investigative team limited any disturbance of school activities, allowing classes to continue without interruption.

The two 17 year old females were taken into custody and transported to the Talbot County Sheriff’s Office for booking and processing. One juvenile female was released to the custody of her parent from the Sheriff’s Office, while the second juvenile female was taken before a Circuit Court Judge, who ordered her released into the custody of her parents, who were present at the hearing. Both juvenile females were charged on a juvenile referral with knowingly circulating a false statement concerning the location of a destructive device.

Over the past six months, there has been an increase in the false reporting of destructive devices on school property. These reports usually lead to extensive disruption of school activities, activation of numerous police resources, public school resources and create a general fear among students and staff. Law Enforcement and Talbot County Schools will not tolerate the false reporting of destructive devices at any school in Talbot County, and will take severe and immediate action against persons found to be responsible for these reports, no matter the age of the offender.