Scam Alert

250605_440007866068512_1345942778_n“SCAM ALERT”

It has been recently reported to the Dorchester County Sheriff’s Office that a number of local businesses in Dorchester County have received correspondence from unknown entities in reference to large amounts of U.S. currency which they could obtain through paying nominal amounts of money (processing fee’s). These correspondences have been received via fax, email, social media, and phone calls.
We urge the citizens and businesses of Dorchester County to exercise extreme caution if you have received or been contacted with such Theft Schemes. Be advised that this is a “SCAM”.
The Dorchester County Sheriff’s Office urges you to report any and all instances if you have been involved or received communications of this sort.
We thank the citizens of Dorchester County for their support in our diligent continuous efforts to protect our community from these types of incidents. For all inquiries contact Detective Charles Dayton at (410)-228-4141.

As always: “SEE IT, HEAR IT, REPORT IT”.

Thank You,

Sheriff James W. Phillips Jr.

Dorchester County Sheriff Office

829 Fieldcrest Rd. Cambridge MD.



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  1. I made the grave mistake of riding down to west OC and driving one of those diarrhea dogs into my biscuit. I been balled up all night had to call out of work today.


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