12 February Open Discussion

Keep up the good work.  This has turned into an informative column.


10 thoughts on “12 February Open Discussion

  1. Big Nose Bob is using the Delmar Donkey’s Hobby Blog to fight his battles. JT, your turn to do a rebuttal to A$$BURROW’s blog post that he is keeping at the top. I don’t care for Cannon, but he did nothing wrong except call out Bob Culver for telling Wayne Strausburg, Weston Young and other staff members to attend the Wicomico County Council Meeting. Some were there because they were required to be on the agenda but Bob ordered them to leave. Bob is trying to sell the Wicomico Nursing Home and use that money to fund a Drug Addict Center at the old Poplar Hill Prerelease Center where Crackheads and Heroin Addicts would get to stay and take free drugs without getting arrested.

    BREAKING NEWS: Wicomico County Executive Culver Asks Council President Cannon To Step Down

    County Executive Bob Culver has asked Council President John Cannon to step down based on his recent statements at the last council meeting. He believes Cannon is also interfering with the Executives Office through violations of the Charter.

    Cannon has been at the helm for way too long and his only interest is to bash Culver, (like Pelosi vs. Trump) and take away as many powers “We The People” voted for an executive branch of government.

    While Cannon has nowhere near the popularity to become a County Executive, he’s in charge of the Council portion and is dead set on taking those powers away from the Executive branch.

    It’s time to change leadership on the Council and move the County forward. Do you agree it’s time for a change in that leadership?


  2. A fact is a fact Dems have played him like a fiddle! He won’t get squat and can’t do a thing to change it….he whimped out say what you like! If he does anything after he signs the bill the Dems will go to Circuit 9 and stop him cold in courts…..


  3. You should know by now that our good president will come out ahead. You seem to kick him to the curb, maybe you deserve the fat failure.


  4. Well looks like President Trump will only get 55 miles of “snow fence” and 1.5 million of his 5.7 million dollar demand! Guess Pelosi wins again…..what did I say on here 3 weeks ago….knew then once he caved, he couldn’t win going forward! They now know he won’t stand his ground…..sad!!!!!


  5. I’m at civic center hiding with the radio turned down low. I had one of those edibles and it really got away from me. Hoping this wears off soon. Sorry for taking 2 hours to type this I woont hold you up no more.


    1. seriously?–you work at the civic center and are dumb enough to write the things you claim you are eating/drinking/smoking etc…you deserve to lose your job for being a dumbass.


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