The Latest Gun Bills Just Continue To Show Divide Between Eastern Shore And Western Shore Of Maryland

The conservative and liberal divide in the State Of Maryland has shown it’s ugly face yet again with the Western Shore representatives pushing for wide sweeping gun measures.

I am always proud of people voicing their displeasure with these new measures, however it will be a effort in futility. The Eastern Shore delegates don’t have the votes or influence to change the minds of the liberal horde in Annapolis.

This just will show yet again that the Eastern Shore has no true influence in the course of Maryland politics.


10 thoughts on “The Latest Gun Bills Just Continue To Show Divide Between Eastern Shore And Western Shore Of Maryland



    The Eastern Shore sends Millions of dollars of tax revenue to the Western Shore by a number of our farms, land and hard work.

    Most the Western Shore does not work…and lives on Government assistance…EBT cards, Welfare, ect….

    Let’s start a petition to begin a 51st State and discuss where our new State House and elected officials will be located

    screw Maryland …..a bunch of jail house Homies over the Bridge


  2. Patti Harris

    The Red Flag law has been used by women to disarm their husbands in a attempt to destroy them, and women lie all the time using this statutory law.

    this happens often in Wicomico County court

    What happened to due process…
    innocent till proven guilty?

    I had personal experience with this bullshit law with my ex wife not long ago….

    remember the Cavanaugh hearings?

    The Red Flag Law is just a way to circumvent our Constitution

    Patti ….your are a Democrat asshole

    oh yes
    I spent thousands of dollars in attorney fees and got my guns back from crazy ass Little Lewis….
    but, I had to prove my innocence

    Wake up America


  3. We dont have a chance here on the lower shore because of the asshole liberals on the western shore. ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ!


    1. Hopefully? It was RINO Larry who signed legislation with the Red Flag Bill and Carl Anderton and Mary Beth Corozza supported it. Charles Otto is the only one from the Eastern Shore Delegation to vote against it. Then John Mautz came to his senses after I cornered him and realized that he didn’t “read the bill” and thankfully voted against it. Carl Anderton blamed it on his constituents for not calling him. The constituents don’t follow every bill, it’s up to Carl to let his constituents know what bills are out there and he failed because he was going along with his Democrat Gubner Hogin.


      1. The red flag law will help save lives. A mental person should not have a gun. I am a legal gun owner and supporter, plus the wife and mother of police officers. If The red flag saves 1 person from getting killed because the husband,son,mom or whoever has mental issues. Then it was worth it. It could be someone you know who is saved


  4. I believe no one should own a gun except law enforcement. I also think that the mayor should do more for low come people such as adopting a law that would provide $ 1000 a month like Chicago minimum wage should also go up to $15 an hour we also need to provide more low income housing there in not nearly enough in the city of Salisbury


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