Maryland State Police Arrest Woman for Abandoning 3 Year Old Son in Apartment


Type of Incident:  Child Neglect, Child Abandonment, Hindering/Obstruction, False Statement

Date and Time:     February 13, 2019 @ 0819 hrs.

Location:               Fairground Dr, Salisbury, MD


(SALISBURY, Md.)      On February 13, 2019 at approximately 0819 hrs., Troopers from MSP Salisbury Barrack responded to westbound Rt. 50 at Booth St. for a motor vehicle collision with injuries.


    While investigating this collision, it was learned that the at fault driver, 32 year old Chevonne Elizabeth Plater of Salisbury, Maryland, who was being transported to PRMC for injuries, asked the ambulance to stop and exited the ambulance.  She fled the scene after law enforcement was alerted that Plater has been known to leave her three year old child unattended at her residence.  


    Troopers quickly responded to Plater’s residence on Fairground Drive and discovered Plater had arrived to her apartment just prior to them.  Troopers determined that Plater’s three year old son was alone locked in the apartment prior to Plater’s arrival.  Plater was placed under arrest for child neglect and abandonment, hindering/obstruction and false statement.  The Department of Social Services responded and took custody of the child.  


Accused #1:  Plater, Chevonne Elizabeth, 32 YOA, B/F, Fairground Dr., Salisbury MD


Investigating Trooper:  Tpr. M. Honsinger

Incident # 19-MSP-006539



13 thoughts on “Maryland State Police Arrest Woman for Abandoning 3 Year Old Son in Apartment

  1. The Wicomico First Alert had the dispatch saying injury/entrapment, victim pregnant. I hope they’re not referring to her, if she leaves a 3-YO by themselves!


  2. Fairground Dr. Isn’t that the compound where a million+ dollars will soon be spent to upgrade their kitchens and bathrooms??? That should put an end to all the monkey business… Keep cheering!!!


  3. There was a time that we read stuff like this and it was across the country somewhere. Now its across our county. So very sad how time’s have changed and I’m not one to say “when I was your age”, because I accept change. But this crap is crazy.


  4. Should disqualify her from Section 8 assistance program…..ho was probably out looking for her pimp or a drug fix! TRASH


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