16-17 March Open Discussion

THERE WILL BE NO COMMENTS PUBLISHED THAT HAS ANY NAME CALLING IN IT.  THOSE COMMENTS WILL HIT THE TRASH FASTER THAN CORN THROUGH A GOOSE.  We are not in kindergarten and I cant believe I have to keep addressing the issue.  We are adults and should act like it.  Hopefully this will solve the problem.  I hope everyone has a great weekend.


24 thoughts on “16-17 March Open Discussion

  1. WOW, didn’t realize how powerful President Trump really was??? He is getting blamed for the terrorist attack in New Zealand!!! Damn he’s a very powerful guy!!! CNN is such a joke no wonder they are dead last in ratings…..


    1. No one is blaming Trump directly for the attack; however, his anti-immigrant rhetoric has emboldened nationalist lunatics in this country and now apparently elsewhere. It is up to us to condemn hate since this president will not do so.


      1. I think he’s right on track, build the wall and send all illegals back to their wonderful homeland!! Let them protest and live off their own welfare system! Trump / Pence 2020


  2. Man O man the Red Roost opened last night with hot steamed crabs and ice cold beer!! This is the way to get ready for spring!!! Great job Roost!


  3. Mr Beto is also running for President from texas he is also another great person to run. He will help the dreamers and help the undocumented immigrants. He also stated that he will help the poor and middle class by cutting taxes I am excited we have good people running for president


    1. “… he will help the poor and middle class by cutting taxes…”

      Please make up your mind, if that is possible. For the past two weeks you people have been saying how you would love to pay more in taxes. Which is it? If it bothers you that much just write a check to the Treasury Department or the City of Salisbury instead of grandstanding about something that you don’t really believe in.


    2. Next thing they will tell us how great Hogan will be as President….he doesn’t stand a chance, probably wouldn’t even carry Maryland! Guess he will be able to say “I ran”???


      1. I know one that will never be President of the United States and that’s Biden….he’s way to indecisive, I might run my grandkids want to…..all 12 of them will be the only votes he gets! He was in Delaware meeting again today…maybe….maybe not??? Go to the farm and retire and quit wasting oxygen!


  4. The Lower Shore Progressive Caucus endorses Mayor Jake Day in the Sby Election. Mayor Day is the best mayor that Salisbury has ever had and I don’t mind paying more taxes for his good work. I am glad to see the downtown coming together, Mayor Day and city council are reviving the city and it’s worth every penny. I hope Mayor Day runs for County Executive and Governor. He is a bag of chips and all that. Just hope my property value and taxes go up a bit so I can open my daycare again and get of Social Services. We need the much need tax base to pay for infrastructure. I hope the state of Maryland can pass the bill to raise property taxes in all of Maryland. We have a great state and we must all pay our fair share to protect the Chesapeake Bay and fix our roads and bridges and invest in education.

    We are currently looking for a Progressive to run against Muir Boda.

    Michele Gregory
    Lower Shore Progressive Caucus
    Democrat Central Committee


    1. Ummm, the next Salisbury election is not until November 5th. You also need to brush up on your local history. You also should return to elementary school to get a foundation in spelling, grammar and sentence construction. I would have suggested that you study economics, also, but that is way beyond your abilities. In other words, you are eminently qualified to be a progressive.


  5. 11:05….if you actually knew who is blowing the funds you so want to spend on a perfectly great bay, I doubt you would relate to it (believe). Therefore I will keep it to myself. If you had been watching during the past years you would know. Maybe you will recall the CIA and other government parties in most recent years and get a clue. Bunch of thieves.


  6. 3/19/19 Council Vote on 20 year lease of Poplar Hill Rehab Facility.

    Holloway= Nay
    Cannon= Nay
    Dodd = Nay
    Davis= Nay
    Kilmer= Yay or Nay
    Hastings= Yay
    Any ?


  7. JT, I’ve been told that the “committee” to replace School Board Member David Goslee, who passed away, is going to recommend Gaines Hawkins as his replacement. Gaines Hawkins is a liberal Democrat and David Goslee was a conservative Republican. Even though it is supposed to be a “non-partisan” election it really is partisan so I think a Republican should be replaced by a Republican. Your thoughts on that?


    1. FNC is attempting to be the next CNN! Juan Williams and Sheperd Smith are doing all they can to destroy the news on Fox! Maybe they have have been on top of the ratings too long???


  8. With this year’s Fight for $15 bill to bring Maryland’s minimum wage up to $15/hour recently passing both the Senate Finance Committee and the House, it’s looking like Maryland will finally pass a $15/hour minimum wage bill after years of attempts — though not the bill Maryland workers need and deserve. The full Senate vote is pending.

    This year’s Fight for $15 bill in its original form was a progressive activist’s dream:

    It would have fully implemented the $15 per hour wage by 2023.
    It was chained to the consumer price index, which would have made the wage go up automatically every year to keep up with rising inflation and costs of living.
    It covered nearly every group of workers that traditionally get left out of Fight for $15 bills, including tipped workers, youth workers, agricultural workers and more.
    According to a study from the Maryland Center for Economic Policy, passing the bill in that form would have given raises to 573,000 workers, amounting to $2.6 billion extra per year into the pockets of low-income workers.

    Unfortunately, the initial Fight for $15 bill was too good to be true, and both the House and Senate versions of the bill were watered down horribly in committee.

    The House bill was the first bill to make it through committee, and that’s where most of the damage was done. This amended version of the bill exempted agricultural workers, created a lower “training wage” for workers younger than age 18, pushed the full implementation of the wage back from 2023 to 2025, exempted tipped workers and removed the attachment to the consumer price index.

    Without an attachment to the consumer price index, we will for sure have to fight this battle again in 2025 when $15/hour finally gets implemented, because $15 per hour by that point will no longer be adequate, and without an automatic increase every year, labor activists will have to form yet another coalition equivalent to Fight for $15 to mount a similar multiyear movement to increase wages again. Some other Fight for $15 bills that have been implemented in other states have covered tipped workers, meaning our Fight for $15 bill could be among the weakest in the country.

    The Senate Finance Committee version of the bill did not adopt all of those same amendments, but it did adopt an amendment pushing back the implementation for businesses with 15 employees or less (76 percent of all Maryland businesses) until 2028 — nearly 10 years from now, when $15 per hour will be hardly worth more than $10.10 per hour is worth now.

    As Maryland workers, we all need to come together and realize we are being denied fair wages for our work by our state legislators. Clearly they’re prioritizing the wants of businesses over the needs of workers, so we need to make our voices heard and demand a clean Fight for $15 bill that covers all workers by the year 2023.

    The Conference Committee to get the House and Senate bills to say the same thing before going to the governor to sign might be our last chance to get this Fight for $15 bill as strong as possible. Please call your state legislator and ask them to amend the bills to try to get them as close to the Fight for $15 bill in its original form as we can.

    Jake Burdett
    Vice Chair
    Wicomico County Democratic Central Committee
    student activist at Salisbury University.


  9. Why would I do that 9:12???? Especially when I’m not in favor!! Call and support conceal carry without permits….now that’s a worthy cause!!!


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