Sheriff Randy Bounds’ statement on grand jury indictment of CCSO supervisor

A suspended Caroline County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO) Sergeant was charged Wednesday afternoon with 2nd Degree Rape, 3rdDegree Sex Offense, 4th Degree Sex Offense and 2nd Degree Assault. A Grand Jury handed down the indictment against 48-year-old Sergeant Kevin Nagyiski.
After the victim reported the incident to the CCSO on September 16, 2018, we immediately notified the Natural Resources Police (NRP) since the crime allegedly occurred in their jurisdiction. The NRP has further details about its criminal investigation here:
The CCSO opened an internal investigation that began concurrently with the NRP’s criminal investigation. Sheriff Randy Bounds said today, “I take these charges profoundly seriously and respect the diligence and care taken by both the Natural Resources Police and the Grand Jury. It’s important our community knows our Sheriff’s Office values transparency and sharing critical information with the public.
Nagyiski, who was hired in February of 2001, was assigned to the Patrol Division at the time this investigation began. He had his police powers suspended and was placed on administrative leave in September.
Any questions regarding the criminal investigation should be directed to the Natural Resources Police.

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  1. The gal who made those allegations has mental health problems…

    we know her and her family

    she is a nut job

    she is always seeking attention for herself

    I am sure when this is over….she and her family will be sued


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