Remembering Somerset Sheriff Deputy Rennie Miles


2 thoughts on “Remembering Somerset Sheriff Deputy Rennie Miles

  1. To the family of Rennie who are left behind the kind words from friends will help dull the pain that goes with your loss. Nothing will wipe away or make you forget even for a moment the fact that Rennie is no longer just a call away. For us his closest friends myself, George Nelson , and later Ronnie Howard can look back on 30 years of working side by side with Rennie sharing good times and when you think about it, very few bad times. In this year we have each reached the end of our time serving the people of Somerset County. Each has taken a route unlike the other. Rennie is still a call away , only now with prayer not a cell phone. Be sure that when all the friends in heaven have greeted Rennie and his time can be turned back to thoughts of his friends left behind on earth, he will pray for each one of us cause that’s just Rennie !


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