11 April Open Discussion

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10 thoughts on “11 April Open Discussion

    1. So 1:21 go to the other local blog, I’m sure he will be more tolerant of your need to post what you want to say more quickly! WWWHHHAAA pacifier sale at Dollar Tree!


  1. One of yesterday’s comments said someone please run against Mayor Day, WHO?, no one as qualified as Mayor Day! LIVE WITH IT!


    1. That you Jake? Worst mayor in the last 20 years. What has he done?
      He actually said at a city council meeting that if he had is way there would be no cul-de-sac neighborhoods in Salisbury. Yeah, that sounds like a mayor for ALL the residents.

      And fix the damn potholes Jake!!!! Stop spending money on repainting water towers, marketing consultants, and downtown signs and take care of the stuff a mayor is supposed to do!


  2. Has anyone ever noticed the writings of Linda Duyer as she tries to educate us on the “History of Salisbury?” All she writes is her praise about black people. Poor old liberal white woman has a massive case of white guilt.


  3. It’s about 9:10 pm and I’m listening to my fire radio and Wicomico 911 dispatches Station 16 for an MVC with “injection” and entrapment at Rt. 50 and Marquis Avenue. First that was not Central’s protocol, second, she doesn’t know what the Hell she is doing. Assistant chief one gets on the scene with multiple vehicles involved, one in entrapped, and one in the ditch with CPR in progress.

    The assistant chief called for Engine 1 to respond.

    Now they are calling for a helicopter and a 4th and 5th ambulance from Hebron and Delmar.

    Wicomico Central screwed up that dispatch and caused a delay in care.

    Now they have Deputy Chief 16 on the scene with all 3 of Salisbury’s fire departments and ambulances on that call. Not one person decided to backfill the stations for any additional calls. Dumb, Dumb, Dumb!


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