Fatal Crash Press Release Wicomico County


4 thoughts on “Fatal Crash Press Release Wicomico County

  1. It was about 9:10 pm last night when Wicomico 911 dispatched Station 16 for an MVC with “injection” and entrapment at Rt. 50 and Marquis Avenue. First, that was not Central’s protocol, second, she doesn’t know what the Hell she is doing. Assistant chief 1 gets on the scene with multiple vehicles involved, one in entrapped, and one in the ditch with CPR in progress. Assistant Chief 1 had to tell her to follow the appropriate dispatch protocol for MVC’s with Rescue.

    The assistant chief called for Engine 1 to respond.

    Now they are calling for a helicopter and a 4th and 5th ambulance from Hebron and Delmar.

    Wicomico Central screwed up that dispatch and caused a delay in care.

    Now they have Deputy Chief 16 on the scene with all 3 of Salisbury’s fire departments and ambulances on that call. Not one person decided to backfill the stations for any additional calls. Not too bright!

    Prayers for all involved.


    1. You sound like the smartest in the world they need to put you in charge of countywide EMS and give to you $210,000 salary with take home F250 King Ranch pickup.


  2. Wow! This county has one backward and screwed up fire and EMS service. Bob needs to focus on cleaning up that mess and starting with cleaning house with the dispatchers. I would be extremely embarrassed to be the County Executive.


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