15 April Open Discussion

Well, well, well….from some of the comments that hit the trash it seems like you missed me (insert sarcasm).  For those of you threatening to move on because you aren’t being entertained please use the exit to the right and push the X.  It is easy to sit back and complain and I suppose if you have nothing else to do but sit by the computer or phone and wait for your words of wisdom to hit the internet (like you have arrived) LOL,  it can be frustrating.  Especially if you keep checking the blog every 5 minutes  and then find it necessary to comment about your comment not being published.  May a remind you there is a whole world out there waiting for you to participate in it.  I am grateful to the people that truly have something to share.  Hang in there.  JT will be back soon.  Until then I will try to keep up.


20 thoughts on “15 April Open Discussion

    1. Do you really miss the juvenile style of commenting 9:57? There were times that this thread appeared to be filled with the writings of spam sucking trailer trash. Just for clarity I didnt call anyone spam sucking trailer trash. I dont miss the name calling or the same old rantings. Just my opinion.


  1. If you didn’t have tears in your eyes yesterday, you have ice in your veins!. A tradition unlike any others was one for the ages!


  2. You gripe and whine about moderating this blog. Well, this blog actually has tremendous power. Man, if I had my paws on the levers like you do, the shit I would do, you can’t even imagine.


    1. Start your own blog. Be the go getter you yearn to be. Let us know the name of your blog and I will be sure to check you out.


  3. i think its great when america praises a wife cheater. A (man) who has sex with multiple prostitutes is our hero. WOW. Tiger Woods for president. WOW. Remember when his beautiful wife busted out his suv windows with a 3 wood? This is now our hero. WOW


  4. Mr.JT, do you have any contacts in Wicomico County Parks that could somehow fix the Henry Parker Complex. The outfields are horrible and need someone with expertise. I thought the complex was supposed to be special to this county. It looks like they have given up hope. Mostly weeds, wire grass and dirt. SAD.


  5. Hey 7.51. Would you expect any better from the same county department which let older people stand outside of the civic center for a couple hours in line and none of the upper management could come in a make a decision and left it to the sheriffs department to disperse the crowd.


  6. hey 751, the outfields do suck and the season has just started. Can’t imagine what they will look like after a few more tournaments. I recently found out that the guy in charge of turf at the complex is named Mark Rickards and can be reached at 410 548 4870. A couple of my team mates have tried to contact him at his county office but haven’t had success. I think they are going to try to contact the supervisor of parks, I think his name is Chuck Pope.


  7. I saw this guy working on the parking lot at the complex yesterday. Shouldn’t they be paying more attention to the fields instead of the stupid parking lot?


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