23 April Open Discussion

JT is taking care of himself.  Please be patient and let him work through what he has to work through.  He does appreciate those who wish him well.  Have a great day.

Some of you never cease to amaze me….I can only take comfort that in the end you will be held accountable for every word spoken or unspoken.



8 thoughts on “23 April Open Discussion

  1. Is it true …? ….that he is changing his identity to assume the role as Special Investigative Counsel to investigate the Culver Administration?


  2. I heard this morning that the City of Salisbury wants to build a town square before the folk festival this year! Why ????? Where????? Downtown is dead!


    1. Because the only area Jake Day cares about is downtown. That’s why he blew $86,000 on an amphitheater that has to be repaired. He should take the money he wants to spend and use it to FIX THE DAMN POTHOLES!!! Naylor Mill Road and William Street in particular.

      To the City Council – don’t spend a penny on another of Day’s pet downtown projects.

      God, please someone run against this moron.


  3. I think this blog is dead, but IT just can’t admit defeat and pull the plug. So it will die a slow, painful death.


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