Candidates Sought for District 2 County Council Seat

Press Notice for Immediate Release

May 2, 2019


Candidates Sought for District 2 County Council Seat


The Wicomico County Council regretfully announces Councilman Mark Kilmer, District 2 Representative, has informed the Council of his official intent to resign from office, effective June 15, 2019.  Mr. Kilmer and his family will be leaving Wicomico County to return to his home state of Idaho.


The County Charter states that when a vacancy on the County Council occurs before the end of a council term, the local State Central Committee of the party of which the respective council member so vacating was affiliated, shall prepare and submit to the County Council a list of four nominees for the vacated council seat. Each of the nominees must be of the same political affiliation and reside in the same councilmanic district as the council member whose seat on the County Council has become vacated, District 2.


As Marc Kilmer is a registered Republican, the Wicomico County Republican Central Committee is seeking Republicans residing in District 2, who are interested in being nominated for appointment to the County Council for the remainder of the current term. Interested persons should contact Mark McIver, Republican Central Committee Chairman, at 443-735-2836, or for complete information about applying. The Wicomico County Republican Central Committee is asking for all materials to be submitted to the Committee by May 24, 2019.



Wicomico County Council



John T. Cannon

County Council President


9 thoughts on “Candidates Sought for District 2 County Council Seat

  1. He has done a great job for this county. I will him good luck in anything he pursues.
    Thank you Marc Kilmer.


  2. Hopefully someone eminently qualified will step forward to fill Mark’s seat. And may that person understand the importance of supporting the County Executive and his plans and goals for Wicomico County. Mark always presented himself professionally and approached his office with courtesy and and integrity. He will be missed.

    If I stilll lived in District 2, I would possibly have thrown my name in the hat. However, at 76, I may have been too old. LOL.


    1. Don Coffin, you are a dumb P.O.S.! Are you even paying attention to how many millions that Bob Culver has increased the budget since he took office? Didn’t you even see the recent story on Channel 47 where your boy Culver plans to increase taxes next year?


    2. Don Coffin didn’t you already throw your hat into the ring once and lost big time? You need to crawl back into your worthless hole again.


  3. whatever happened to the suggestion that the gang over at rec and perks were told to shower occasionally. these people are disgusting and they are supposed to represent this county.


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