Marc Kilmer Resigns From Wicomico County Council

Sad news that Wicomico County District 2 Representative Marc Kilmer has resigned due to family issues in Idaho. Marc was a great Council add and will be missed. A replacement will be made in 45 days


8 thoughts on “Marc Kilmer Resigns From Wicomico County Council

  1. Hopefully someone eminently qualified will step forward to fill Mark’s seat. And may that person understand the importance of supporting the County Executive and his plans and goals for Wicomico County. Mark always presented himself professionally and approached his office with courtesy and and integrity. He will be missed.

    If I stilll lived in District 2, I would possibly have thrown my name in the hat. However, at 76, I may have been too old. LOL.
    Don Coffin


    1. Don Coffin the voters already spoke and said they didn’t want you. Don’t you remember when Tony Sarbanes beat you?


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