14 May Open Discussion


16 thoughts on “14 May Open Discussion

    1. Maybe they have a life jackass. Maybe if you had a life you wouldn’t be the whiney bitch you portray on this Open Discussion blog.


  1. Juniors Wine Store in princess anne own by a foreigner , is using Americans of all races , and don’t like Americans, but want American money if you don’t spend a lot of money in his store or go there often he will talk to you in a manner that is racist . He has already lost a lot of customers. He said that he raised the price of newports and cigars to keep the college kids out his store, and he said he judges a person by what they drink , so if you don’t buy his high price wine then you are a lower class. Any way you can find better and the same wine cheaper at the wine rack and cheers near Salisbury state. So watch where and who you spend your American dollars with. MAGA


    1. Man, F that dude Junior. He charges $3 for 2liter soda and if you ask why, he launches into a rant about, “This not WalMart, you want WalMart you need to be going Walmart.”


  2. I heard today restaurant 213 lost its liquor license and Vinny will not be cooking Tuesdays anymore… I guess someone’s ego got hurt when Tuesday’s were full and the rest of the week was 4 tables at most. Sad because Jim is a good chef but he can’t stop talking about himself.


    1. Well if there’s no liquor there anymore that’s why there’s no Vinny. That dude could drink a winery dry, and he can’t even begin to cook without 7-8 drinks under his belt.


  3. I see a press release where Big Nose Bob is happy to announce that he has found money to fund the Mardela school project that he intentionally took out of the CIP. Funny thing is he is now raping you Westside Intermediate School families because that is where the money came from. He states that the state didn’t fund their share of the Westside project. LIAR!!


  4. Hey go easy on Vinny he no longer drinks. Jim’s ego could not compete with the success Vinny brought him. Vinny will be reappearing soon and boosting another restaurants slower night.


  5. I would love to see the county council make big changes in the rec and parks dept. Everyone of us know we are overstaffed and on many days are basically told to look busy. In the winter we are told to hang out at Winterplace Park, and then, next thing you know Mark parks over at the little league fields and sneaks up on us from behind. So what the hell should we do? We are busy for about 3 weeks – during the world series, after that not so much. We know the taxpayers are getting scammed but we are taxpayers too and it’s hard to watch these part timers being hired with nothing to do. Oh well, I guess we should be happy and sit back and watch Barney work. BTW we call Mark undercover a??hole and I can’t tell you what we call Chuck.


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