Thank You

I don’t discuss personal matters but thank you to all who reached out to me. I will be completely redoing this site in the next few weeks for a fresh look. Im not going anywhere but will be changing focus of the site



6 thoughts on “Thank You

  1. I like the Open Discussion so people can comment without hijacking threads. Some of that discussion is, in fact, the true story and gives JT the option of doing his own story on the post.


  2. And no one saw that brilliant yellow flash of light over Salisbury last night at around 11? It was an instantaneous streak followed by a flash and then it simply disappeared.I seriously thought someone else would see it.


  3. Make it good so I feel like giving you another donation! You are very witty and for the most part the voice of reason. Looking forward to relaunch and hope personal issues have taken an upward track.


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