Overwhelming Response To Anchorage Post


I cannot begin to thank everyone for making my post regarding the deplorable treatment of loved ones at Anchorage Nursing home go viral. I have received so many emails and comments on both my facebook page and here with people sharing personal stories of family , friends or even themselves personally who have experienced exactly what I was talking about.

It is quite clear that it is time to make these facilities accountable to the public that they serve. We all have loved ones young and old who may end up in a situation that they need a nursing facility. It is our job to make sure that these places clean their act up and know that they now have a light that will be brightly placed on their actions.

I am personally going to use my connections and talk to our local delegation about what can be done to get these places to either clean their act up or close down. It is quite clear they under staff to keep as much of the money coming in as possible. I will not sit back and allow this to go on quietly any longer. To every person who has a loved one in any of these facilities that sees or feels their loved one is not being treated correctly, you have an ally and a website to let the world know what is happening.

Thank you all again and keep sharing with me your stories.


6 thoughts on “Overwhelming Response To Anchorage Post

  1. JT
    I went there to visit a friend and the elevators were not working properly. Wait was about 15 minutes for 3 floors! That has to be a fire hazard concern. I went to leave and the doors were locked which I can understand but no one was around to unlock them, again 10-12 minutes to find someone to unlock the doors. The state fire marshall needs to look at this place and especially their operations Tragedy waiting to happen

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  2. Next, do a story on the deplorable conditions at Salisbury Nursing Home which is part owned by PRMC.


  3. My husband was there for months and had precesure and started bleeding heavy had to be taken to hospital and had surjurery before I even knew it and the hospital called me then and he passed the next day


  4. My husband grand mother was there . I personally know that 60$ shoes we bought from VP shoes were stolen and he blankets and throw pillows were taken. When I asked about them I was told they were in laundry and i said I would wait story changed we never saw them again. She also had green mold on her face and when I confronted staff they said they could not make her shower. She had dementia . I said that is what she is paying for. She was on the third floor and they did not care. She slipped fell broke a hip there n died week later. I called and complained to the 800 number on the posters in the lobby and when i tried to follow up I was told they can not tell me the results of the investigation. I encourage everyone to call that number and file a compliant they can not ignore us all. The qualified nurses are lazy and make the cna’s do everything even when thy are not allowed to by law an no one holds them accountable. The 3rd floor smells of urine and there is no supervision of the residents at all. Anyone who can pass the consent form can work there and COMAR language has made it so if they have been indicated as an abuser with children they can still work with adults. These adults at any nursing home are just as vulnerable as children and they deserve more.


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