Boscov’s Continues To Grow


In an era where you see stores closing down at alarming rates and people losing jobs, there is one bright star that continues to shine. Boscov’s has figured out a business model in today’s modern electronic ordering world to not only succeed but to expand. Final preparations are underway to expand our local store to cover the former garden center area. We are talking over 18,000 square foot of expanded space. The CEO and marketing people deserve applause for figuring all of this out with the competition being so fierce. Look for the construction to begin soon.


One thought on “Boscov’s Continues To Grow

  1. Boscovs has done a masterful job of blending the big store with online ordering and shopping! Listen folks more people should be able to figure this out! Look back at the poultry business….it has become fully integrated over the last 40 years and the ones that were great at it have survived and grown….just like Boscovs!


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