Cracker Barrel And Other Updates For Salisbury Maryland


Good news in the Cracker Barrel department. Cracker Barrel is still looking and has its eyes set on some properties near the mall per its requirements. I don’t have exact locations because I know that these posts can alter negotiations.

The old Burger King property in front of Lowes on North Salisbury Boulevard which was rumored to become a Bojangles is now in limbo . No movement to be had as the State Highway Administration won the battle regarding easements etc on the property.

The abandoned Toys R Us location is to become another Car Dealer much to everyone’s chagrin.


8 thoughts on “Cracker Barrel And Other Updates For Salisbury Maryland

  1. The Barrel will never be within 30 miles of The Bury. Continue to wait and see while you’re watching that paint to dry. “Aint” happening, axe any realtor that is on the ball.


  2. What is people’s fascination with Cracker Barrel? I just don’t get it. I’ve eaten at a Cracker Barrel only three times and was disappointed each time. Nothing that great. I thought the food was bland, soggy, expensive and nothing any different than you could have had at Denny’s, Bob Evan’s or any other chain restaurant where you can purchase breakfast, lunch or dinner. I do recall my wife buying a scented candle before we left.


  3. Come on Salisbury, really!! We don’t need more cardealers and fast food, bring in crackle barrel, there is plenty of room in Salisbury .


  4. Salisbury is big enough to put a crackle barrel in, what is the problem,Rt 50 going towards ocean City, the empty K Mart building, we damn sure don’t need anymore car dealership or fast food places, come on Salisbury you can do better than that.


  5. 1211 is right. you mean to tell me that the property is worthless? why not chisel plow it and turn it into a corn field. or better yet, a rehab center for rec and parks workers. they could have separate areas for different employee needs. one section could be for the druggies, one section for the drunks, one section for those who have been fired from numerous jobs, and one section for those who have experienced foreclosures. fortunately mr miller told us at the meeting last week to keep our spirits up and don’t let a blog article get us down, no matter how true it is. also, thank GOD that pee wee stepped up to the plate and thanked mr miller for all of his support


  6. The city of salisbury should be commended on their progress on getting the old salisbury mall property looking so modern. WHATS IT BEEN 40 YEARS? has anybody noticed that some people consider it an eyesore FOR 40 YEARS? For the love of GOD build section 8 housing, a ball field, or a homeless shelter for the hundreds of bums living here in this hell hole.


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