Wicomico First Alert Special Announcement Regarding Hebron Situation


On Monday, May 27, 2019, Wicomico First Alert posted information regarding a suspicious vehicle that approached young children playing in a yard in Hebron, and offered them the opportunity to pet a puppy inside the van.

When we hear information like this, we take it very seriously, and we are careful with what we post — we make sure we are posting accurate information as quickly as possible. Please keep in mind that the information we publish is NEVER fabricated, and specifics of the incident are not exaggerated.

Furthermore, if we heard this information across the scanner, and didn’t alert the public, and God forbid, a local child was abducted later that evening, or the next day; we would never forgive ourselves.

In regards to the post published by the Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office, we must admit, we got a piece of the information wrong regarding this incident wrong. The Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office claims in their post to have no knowledge of this incident. That very well could be true.

We reached out to a source, and while details of the incident we published are 100% accurate, we did report that the Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office responded. We can now confirm the 911 call was actually dispatched and handled by the Maryland State Police not the Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office. Our mistake.

We had encouraged readers to call the Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office with any additional information. We now request you call Maryland State Police at 410-749-3101 with any potential information.

❗️Note:❗️ You would think police agencies in the very same county would share the known information regarding an incident of this nature. I’ve always thought that something that could potentially have such a dramatic, and detrimental effect to everyone in our entire county would be shared amongst all nearby law enforcement agencies.

I stand by my decision to post this information. My intentions were not cause hysteria from parents or concerned residents across the county. I posted the information only to prevent the possibility of a young local child being abducted. We thought we were providing a great service to the community.

I don’t understand why a status like the one below would even be posted, basically insinuating the information We posted was fake news, imaginary, or click bait. I honestly got a few messages, and comments, calling us liars, and FAKE NEWS — frankly, it’s personally upsetting, because I dedicate so much time to post ACCURATE information.

Why would you just automatically allow people to believe the incident had never even occurred, instead of doing a little due diligence — especially considering this actually did happen.

I assure you, and as stated above, we NEVER make up, or exaggerate any of the details/information posted to Wicomico First Alert.

ALSO, please SHARE this post so more people will know the truth.


And yes, we did post this twice because we want to make sure it’s not overlooked by those who might be confused by the situation.


8 thoughts on “Wicomico First Alert Special Announcement Regarding Hebron Situation

  1. I think it’s ridiculous that Wicomico First Alert posted that response…maybe what they post isn’t fabricated but they straight up say what they are told by “bystanders.” They post personal details about people without any verification, i.e. saying someone overdosed in line at Wawa. How does that benefit a single person besides them getting shares and likes from nasty nosy people? And that’s exactly what they’re trying to do now.


    1. I believe you mean “their”. How’s it feel to make a mistake? The pertinent info was solid, just the wrong agency listed initially.


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