Anchorage Nursing Home Comments Show Across The Board Issues


“This place is literally, Hell on Earth!
I was an unfortunate patient there for 30 days for Rehab Care.
Due to “insurance and bed availability”, not all rehabs/nursing homes are an “option”, when you or a loved one have to have rehab or long term care.
Whatever organization oversees these facilities, is not doing there job, when it comes to Anchorage!!
The Corporation the owns it and it’s local management are where the problems lie.
Other than the Physical Therapy Group that was “contracted” there & one caring CNA. This place was a horrid experience!No, not all the (local) Rehab/Nursing Facilities are run the same.
Again, the corporation that owns them and it’s local management team control that.
I have had family and friends experience several other local ones.
Yes, most have “some negative issue’s”.
All patient’s of these facilities, need someone advocating for them during your most vulnerable time in your life in “any”, facility!
Unfortunately for the long term and rehab patients, at Anchorge, they are truly living in “Hell on Earth”!


“Many Many Years ago I had a job interview with their director of nursing. Phone rang in her office and this was her quote “ go ahead and dial 911, but make sure he’s clean this time so the paramedics won’t have a fit again”….first interview I ever walked out on”


” It’s horrible. Almost everyone has an attitude and many acted racist. I cried all the time because of how the aides treated me, especially one named Turwanda. She never gave me a decent word. Always fussed at me. Aides were ignorant of my condition and unprofessional; therefore, I was treated badly. Turwanda made fun of me and would walk down the hall saying nasty things about me very loudly. I rarely saw a nurse many times even after I asked to see one. I had to be transported to dialysis. Terrible. One time I waited an hour and a half to get picked up afterwards. I was on a Renal diet and frequently got the wrong kinds of food. Of course, there were one or two good nurses (Carly) and some good aides, especially Frances. But on a whole, that place is hell on Earth.”


“My mom was there years ago for rehab after a above knee amputation I walked in 1 night to her room and I just looked at her face and I went straight out to the nurses station yelling at them asking them when they last checked my mom and there response was 10 or 15 mins ago. I told them bullshit cause my mom had a stroke! And had lice. Deers head no better they never turned my mom. She ended up with blood poisoning and she was on dialysis 3 times a week and they never caught that. She had a huge sore on her spine so deep you. Could see her spine 3 days later she died from the blood poisoning! None of them homes are worth anything they dont work there because they care it’s for the pay. Hopefully this stuff never happens to a family member they hold close and dear to them”


“You truly have spoken the truth, i lost my mother there 3 wks ago. It is the most deplorable, they will suck the very life from any avenue they can as far as medicare, medicaid, etc. They will lie right to your face, there are 5 ring leaders in this corrupt institution. Let alone the damn staff who wont make eye contact with you if you need any assistance for your loved one. So many times my mother needed a liquid diet every day, so they sent her solid food, i inquired about this. And was told, sorry human error. Im getting more angry as i send this message, and for you 5 people that i speak of, there is a special place for you, i’ll even turn up the heat for you”


“One of the worst places we have ever been. The place was filthy and was never clean. Whenever we went to visit our loved one she was either half dressed or laying in bed trying to pull her own self up out of her bed to eat. Our loved one also had several bruises on her that no one could explain. Buzzers go off and no one would come to check to see what was wrong. Electric sockets hanging out of the wall. Just a disgrace.”


“Absolutely worse place to work. We were always short staffed. No one stayed, they keep the shitty workers and fire the ones that show any kind of compassion. There are some good ppl in there but you learn quickly to keep your mouth shut and do what you can for the patients while you are there and pray for them when you leave because if you say anything you will not have your job.”


“I had a loved one there a year ago. The hospital sent him there. They could not get his medicine’s, but would not allow me to bring it from home. They would have it the next day, but that was not soon enough. With high blood pressure, diabetes, asthma, COPD, and the current infection in his foot, 24 hours was to long for no meds.
They brought him food he was allergic to, and took over an hour to bring him anything he could eat.
They could not find a urinal for him, moved his walker out of his reach, and put the rails up on the bed as soon as I left. He tried to call for help, but the buzzer went unanswered. He called me, and I called the nurses station. They said they would take care of it, and I called him back. It took over 20 minutes to get to him. Then they did nothing for him. They would be right back. Half hour later I call them again, still no help.
After 7 hours of them doing NOTHING for him, I drove up and took him home. 13 hours he was there. No heat. No blankets. No urinal. No walker after I left. No meds.
When I got him home, I checked his BP and blood sugar levels. Both were very high. He took his meds, shot of insulin, and a round of albuteral, then sleep. By noon the next day I had everything set up so I could take care of him at home. Including a special boot, and physical therapy.
If I, a non medical person, can take care of all of that in under 9 hours, why couldn’t they take care of any of it? Weather in the 40’s at night, no heat and no blankets for senior citizens? I reported it to the state and feds. They say there is nothing wrong there. Anchorage should be CLOSED.”


“My father had a stroke and was taken to Anchorage for rehab and then converted to long term care as I awaited a chance to take him home on the Medicaid Waiver Program. While he was there he was abused by the staff with visible bruising. I was never made aware of the results of the investigation. His personal items were stolen/lost including foot rests for his wheelchair which they never replaced. Staff were always talking on their cell phones. Physical Therapy was inattentive to my dad during therapy when I visited. The handicap door to the outside area was broken the entire time my Dad was a resident. He even got locked outside with another resident and couldn’t get back in when it was winter time. The doctors overmedicated with pain medication until he was unresponsive and then the doctor argued and got loud with me when I requested the dose be reduced or a different medication tried and then D/c’d psych meds that landed him in the hospital and then was later transferred all the way to Rockford Center in Delaware for 2 months to regulate his medicine that they took him off of. This made it incredibly difficult to find placement afterwards. They broke his dentures when packing his stuff up for discharge. The Dr. And/Or staff also failed to arrange a Doctors appointment (advised by the hospitalist) with a vascular surgeon to follow up on a AAA that was discovered during a hospital stay for a UTI. The AAA was never reported to me (his daughter and POA) which ended up rupturing and was fatal and had I not reviewed his medical records I may not have ever known.”