Queen Anne’s County residents please be aware of a new telephone scam!

Queen Anne’s County residents please be aware of a new telephone scam!

A resident of Queen Anne’s County reported that an individual called and claimed that their social security number was linked to a felonious crime. The caller advised they were a government agency and transferred them to an “agent”. The “agent” advised the resident was facing years of jail time and fines for their social security number being used in criminal activity. The “agent” advised the resident needed to go to a government store (Dollar General) and put money on a Google Pay gift card. The “agent” requested the resident read the gift card number off to them over the telephone. Throughout the call, the “agent” advised the resident if they hung up the call they would be arrested in 72 hours. The resident ended the call and called our office to inform us about the scam. If you receive a call similar to this, PLEASE hang up immediately and call your local enforcement agency.

We ask that you never give out any personal information over the phone. Residents please remember it is suspicious if a caller request you buy gift cards. If there are any questions regarding your social security number please call the social security administration at 1-800-325-0778.

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