Sunday Editorial Lies And Today’s World

If there is one thing I despise are people who are liars. I’m not talking about little lies like making yourself seem wealthier or of a higher class, I’m talking about just plain straight up made up stories about other people that have zero proof or use half truths to try to paint a different story.

Today’s world of guilty before proven innocent has made it where when people falsely accuse others of things it is used as a tool to manipulate.

Make stories up and watch people’s lives get destroyed because it’s an easy thing to do.

Have we really become a society when someone with evil in their hearts has it out for someone else that they can just make up lies to cause them emotional distress?

Imagine a world when all someone has to say is you did something and people automatically believe it must be real because why would they make it up. The Kavanaugh case brought all of this back to the headlines.

Severe financial hardship and public scrutiny are powerful weapons in a world when lies flow freely for the purpose of destroying those you dislike for whatever reason .


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