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  1. So what’s up with the incident that put Larry Dodd in the hospital? Was it Larry’s dog that got loose and bite a neighbor’s dog? Was it Larry’s baseball bat? Anyone know more?


    1. It was Larry’s bat. Larry pulled it on the man and he took it away from him and brained him with it. Larry needs to learn when to stop running his mouth. Maybe this will be a lesson to him.


      1. This is interesting because it asks the question, should neighbors workout their differences between themselves or take their differences to court? From other sources it reads like Larry’s dog is frequently loose. If a neighbor has had enough, do you go to Larry’s house and try to discuss the matter and emphasize a solution, or go straight to the police, dog catcher, take pictures and haul your neighbor into court? When Larry greets you at his front door with a baseball bat, honestly that should have been the moment when Lundberg should have walked away regardless of how escalated their argument became. I guess the days of neighbors working out their differences together have come to an end. Oh well…


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