Best Doctor


14 thoughts on “Best Doctor

  1. JT, I love you to death, but these “Best Of’s” are getting very old. Hardly anyone is participating and it makes it difficult to scroll to look for the good posts.


      1. 8:35, Oh, you’re one of those people. You probably just wait on social media to start arguments with people. I trust him just as much if not more then other doctors in the area.


      2. Oh my bad Vince, oops, I mean Anon 9:22 AM, I mean Dumb A$$, It said “Best Doctor” not best Physician Assistant. There clearly is a big difference and if you don’t like it then become a doctor.


    1. You are 100% correct. All these young jitterbug doctors could learn something from him. Dr. Bartkovich has been a pillar of our community for many many years. He has provided caring and compassionate service to each and every patient. You will NEVER find someone to say a bad word about him. He is what a doctor SHOULD be.


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