Best Of My Opinions

Thank you for the input on your picks for the best of around the area. I cannot say I have tried all the goodS or services mentioned but I wanted to put my opinion out on the ones I have .

Best Pizza) this is a tough one because there are many good ones but if I want something special I like pizza pi in delmar . Their everything pizza has a delicious blend that I love.

Best Steak) my personal pick is Longhorn

Best Chicken) chick fila

Best Mexican) plaza tapatia

Best Italian ( cafe itliano

Best Grocery Store) delmar Food lion

Again these are my own picks. Some of the places mentioned in your picks I have never tried but due to your comment I will.


7 thoughts on “Best Of My Opinions

  1. Best chicken Chi-Fil-A!?? You are out of your cotton picken mind. You don’t know chicken or don’t like it or eat it very much.


  2. I hope this means that you are done with posting more “Best of” crap. Thanks for understanding.


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