Wicomico County Council Press Release


18 thoughts on “Wicomico County Council Press Release

  1. Smart move, Wicomico County Council. Why isn’t our County Executive intelligent enough to figure that one out?? So Big Nose Bob wants me to subsidize 3 other counties? Fk You, Dumb A$$, Take it out of your own pay! Wait, you can’t do that because you will already be reimbursing the county taxpayers for illegally paying Michele Ennis after she was fired by the Council and you kept her on the payroll.


  2. Hats off to the Council!

    Hope Culver is taking notes. Address this very important issue with an appreciation that what is funding this is the taxpayers’ hard earned money, fairness, compassionate care and an understanding before charging through the china shop with your hair on fire, looking for attention.
    Can’t help but wonder that if Culver was as financially successful as Cannon, if he would be so loose with the monies of others.

    I, for one, am tired of seeing so much tax revenue wasted because Culver has his favorites and refuses to be a team player.


    1. I agree, I have been sick and tired of this fake charity for many years. Since when does it become the responsibility of the taxpayers to feed the elderly? These same elderly people already have a meal plan. They already get a retirement or a subsidy to pay for food. It’s called pension, Social Security, food stamps, welfare, EBT, etc. MAC is a Scam and Bob Culver is just trying to look like a hero all the while trying to reduce any funding so he wouldn’t have to fund Beaver Run School.

      Guess What Big Nose Bob, some of us are already on to you!


  3. Then there’s Culver’s plan for the county to run an addict treatment center for the entire Eastern Shore at the old Poplar Hill jail.

    And don’t forget those county jobs for his kids and Michele.


  4. JT,

    Thanks for this post. The mainstream media and you-know-who will probably make it sound like the Council is against providing any assistance for the meals program when they just want to be clear about how and county funds would be spent (and not spent).

    What is Carl Anderton doing to get his pal Larry Hogan to reconsider cutting the state funding for this program?


  5. What a P.O.S. Bob Culver is and he claims to be a Republican. A true Republican wouldn’t be running a welfare County. First it was the Big Nose Bob Memorial Wor-Wic Free Scholarship. Then the Big Nose Bob Memorial Crackhead Treatment Facility @ Poplar Hill. And now the Big Nose Bob Memorial MAC, Inc. Bail Out. Thanks to the County Council for cutting the Big Nose Bob Personal P.I.O. who wouldn’t have much to report on. Big Nose Bob is too much of a PU$$Y to get in front of the camera. He must have had another girlfriend that needed a job. He was already paying that Jacquie creep $1500 a week to follow him around and take pictures of him. How many people does Big Nose Bob need in that Office? There is a County Executive, a County Administrator, an Assitant County Administrator and 2 Office Girls. Big Nose Bob has already hired Cathy Bassett and A. Kaye Kenney as a favor. We all knew what A. Kaye was up to when her and Pida Sterling were sucking up to Big Nose Bob during his first campaign for C.E. Then Big Nose Bob hires the two Big nose Bobette’s, Chrissy and Courtney and giving them numerous pay increases. Little Big Nose Bobbette Chrissy got his job after Big Nose Bob fired several hard working part-timers who really needed the extra income to make ends meet. Yes, that’s correct, Mister “I visited the MAC Center yesterday and made a plea for help in our community for Meals on Wheels” fired several elderly part-time employees at the landfill just so his little Drunk Chrissy could have a full-time job with benefits. His son is so much of a drunk that he can’t even drive to work or drive county vehicles because of his DUI’s. What happened to your concern for the elderly when you fired those elderly employees Big Nose Bob??? You are full of Sh!t you liberal Douche Bag.

    A true Conservative wouldn’t be funding all of these Social Programs like you are Mr. Big Nose Bob!



  6. I see the County Council is using the correct county logo like they are supposed to, unlike Bob using that homemade shit that he illegally made two years ago and is still using it. Put a stop to that, please.


  7. Don’t forget the Scam at the Landfill where Big Nose Bob was trying to give Bennett Construction exclusive rights to dumping at 50% of the cost while every other business has to pay full fees.


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