Your Thoughts?


7 thoughts on “Your Thoughts?

  1. Even my corporate office celebrates pride month wtf…. how is this acceptable in a work atmosphere?


  2. Will Jake Gay declare “Straight Pride Month” in Salisbury?

    As for the homos – I don’t care what they do. Just stop forcing it on me and ruining businesses that don’t want to cater to bake cakes for them. We do have freedom of religion in this country. Unless you are a Christian.

    I wonder what the libturds think about how gays are treated in muslim countries? After all, Islam is the “cool” religion with the lefties.


      1. When? He declared “Pride Month” for the perverts. How about him declaring a “Pride Month” for us normal people? And let’s not forget the ultimate goal of the LGBTQWERTYUIOPZ agenda – legalizing pedophilia. Look at the platform from their “Gay Rights Convention” in 1972. It calls for “the repeal of all state age of consent laws.”


  3. I’m sick of these gays and the Libtards forcing this shit down our throats. Please tell me how they are oppressed?


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