June 14th Open Discussion


19 thoughts on “June 14th Open Discussion

  1. Get ride of Jake Day. Worst mayor ever! Endorsed by that fool Barrie Parsons Tighlman who bad mouthed Colburn Dykes before the man was even buried showing what a crass individual she is. Birds of a feather……


      1. Jake Day only cares about downtown. Guess you don’t mind that he called you a racist. He is a far-left radical liberal socialist.


      2. Come on man … I give Jake credit for trying to boost downtown with activities but his attitude an arrogance is why people don’t like him


      3. Honestly if you come at him with respect Jake will sit down and treat you great it’s when people come at him with an attitude that he may be more arrogant as would I


  2. Do you have to pass the piss test/breathalyzer to get a job to the Civic Center? My cousin is trying to get a job there?


    1. Well, it sure isn’t Bob. He lets Ennis run everything and as county employees, we have lost faith in him and are considering uniting and giving Mr. Culver a vote of No Confidence.


  3. Hey JT,

    Do you have any contacts in Wicomico County Parks that could somehow fix the Henry Parker Complex? The outfields are horrible and need someone with expertise. I thought the complex was supposed to be special to this county. It looks like they have given up hope. Mostly weeds, wiregrass and dirt. It’s SAD.


  4. Has anyone else decided that it was too expensive to renew their Pool Membership at the Elks Club? I am a member of the Salisbury Elks Club and their rates have gone up on everything. I’m seriously thinking about not renewing my membership this year because it’s too high and we can’t afford it. As a long time member I hate to do it, but those few that make the decisions for the entire lodge have made it extremely difficult for the majority.


  5. Looks like the good ole boy system is alive and well in Pittsville with the water situation and other underhanded issues. I was at the town meeting this week and heard the clowns say all the ordinances they suggested are all in effect including No trucks over 14 k in residential{R-2] neighborhoods unless the are making a delivery. Well I know of 2 rollbacks that top that limit still living in town one by the graveyard and another by the lions club but the one by the lions club is best buds with the new FIVE O/rental inspector/code enforcement officer and the council president so he is good to go along with his yard full of scrap and junk untagged vehicles.The town council president states to the citizens at every town meeting that all residents are treated the same that is TOTAL BULL$HIT and this is proof of it.


    1. “Well I know of 2 rollbacks that top that limit still living in town ..” Last time I checked Rollbacks were trucks and didn’t breathe so they can’t be living!


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