Maryland State Police investigating Plane Crash in Crisfield

Maryland State Police investigating Plane Crash in Crisfield

June 15, 2019

On 6/15/2019 at approximately 0725 hours the Maryland State Police barracks in Princess Anne Somerset County received a call from Lori Dennis, wife of  Dennis Edward Shaw pilot of the plane which had  crashed at the Crisfield Regional Airport.  Troopers made contact with Shaw, who stated he had walked to his residence at 27150 Crisfield Marion Road after the crash.  Shaw further stated that he had crashed at  approximately 0400 hours this morning then contacted his wife Lori. Princess Anne  EMS responded to his residence and transported him to PRMC with minor injuries.  Shaw who resides in New York stated he was going to fly back to New York when the plane had some mechanical problems. Shaw was the only occupant along with two dogs at the time of the incident.  Troopers located two dogs in the plane, one of which was deceased. The crash location was approximately 600 yard off the runway.  The following agencies have been contacted, Maryland Department of Environment, NTSB, and MEMA. The scene is secure.   Investigation still on going.


4 thoughts on “Maryland State Police investigating Plane Crash in Crisfield

  1. You all don’t get the real story or have a clue about flying look at the second post… kilo ain’t the dogs name .. you don’t fly drinking and you wouldn’t fly out that early even to stop for fuel during half the trip …. why do you think there’s nothing about it … he had to get rid of what was on that plane first…. come on people….


  2. Was alcohol be a factor in it? Why he leave dogs in the tore up plane? Maybe one dog could have ben breathed back in life.


    1. Yes his name is kilo….. and yes most normal people fly at night with no flight plan and no instrument licenses…. and you NEVER report the accident as it happens with the nearest control tower you never hail on the radio like you would on a vessel or anything…. smh


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