City Receives Funding to Bring Feminine Hygiene Products to the Homeless

June 20, 2019
Contact: Mayor’s Office

City Receives Funding to Bring Feminine Hygiene Products to the Homeless

Salisbury- Mayor Jake Day is pleased to announce that the City of Salisbury has been awarded $4,500 by The Community Foundation of the Eastern Shore Women’s Fund for the Housing First- Hi, Jean! Program. This feminine hygiene support program is the first of its kind on the lower shore. The newly received grant will provide enough funding for program’s first year of operations.

The Hi, Jean! Program’s goal is to support women and girls experiencing homelessness in Wicomico County by purchasing and distributing feminine hygiene products. Many homeless women struggle to obtain these imperative products because they are not covered under social service benefit programs, and are otherwise expensive to purchase out of pocket. 

“I couldn’t be more proud of our Housing First staff and our partner institutions for taking the initiative and having the confidence to address this issue which impacts women and girls, not only in our community, but all over the country as well,” stated the Mayor.

The Community Foundation of the Eastern Shore Women’s Fund presented the City with its grant check at a special reception held on June 20th, 2019 at Dove Pointe. Other Community Foundation Women’s Fund grant recipients for the year were also recognized.

Housing First plans to maximize the reach of the Hi, Jean! Program by broadening its definition of homelessness to include those who do not have a permanent nighttime residence – a group often referred to as “couch homeless.” The program hopes to connect with Wicomico County Board of Education school nurses to create a referral system  in the hopes of reaching as many young girls as possible. 

“Hi, Jean! is a much needed resource for those women and girls experiencing homelessness. No woman or girl should have to choose between food and hygiene products. By providing these products free of charge, we hope to restore dignity and reduce the stigma of menstruation,” added Salisbury Housing and Homelessness Manager Christine Chestnutt. 
The City hopes that the Hi, Jean! program will not only have a positive impact on the Salisbury community but inspire other counties to start their own programs, similar to Hi, Jean!

To support the Hi, Jean! Program, community members can donate new boxes of sanitary pads, tampons and small gently used cosmetic bags for the products to be distributed in. After the first year, feminine hygiene product donations will be necessary to maintain the ongoing success of the program. 

For more information or to donate products to the Hi, Jean! program, contact Christine Chestnutt


11 thoughts on “City Receives Funding to Bring Feminine Hygiene Products to the Homeless

  1. Just so tacky and low class. No need to bring up what the money is to be used for. It is gross and unsophisticated. No wonder Salisbury is known in Talbot county as the Crotch of the Eastern Shore.


  2. The pads can be used as filters in the manufacture of crack and meth so it is not a total waist of money.


  3. If you look at the check closely, it has the Payee as 2019 Grantees….. probably the money was split between various programs, one of which was this and their portion of the $45,000 was $4500.


  4. Interesting that the check is made out in the amount of $40,000. I suppose the $4,500 covers the cost of the Feminine Hygiene Products and the remaining $35,500 is to cover the salary toward the person who will administer the distribution of the Feminine Hygiene Products.


  5. I have truly seen it all! First, the County Council supports a “kinder world” Gimme a freakin’ break. Is any one really in favor of an unkind world? Then wonder boy Jake decides to pursue a grant ( grants are free money, right?) to pass out feminine hygiene products to homeless women. Surely, these are worthwhile (?) programs but with all the crap going down in Salisbury and Wicomico County this is just freakin’ stupid and a huge waste of time.


    1. No the County Council didn’t support “Kinder World.” I watched that council meeting and that was some of Bill McCain and John Cannon’s lame bullshit and then Josh Hastings jumped on Board. I agree with you, it’s a freaking joke.


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