June 21st Open Discussion


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  1. If you have a condominium association or a homeowner’s association DO NOT USE Ocean Point, LTD or Braniff Property Management. In my opinion these are not honest companies and they give terrible service.


  2. Well, it’s been 20 days since Michele Ennis was legally relieved of her duties by the Wicomico County Council and she is still roaming the halls of the Government Office Building terrorizing county employees. WTH is wrong with this County? I can’t wait to see the Sheriff’s Office escort Michele Ennis out of our building. Hopefully they will be escorting Big 🤥 Bob out in cuffs also.

    Come on John Cannon, WTH is the hold up?

    Bob Culver, Please RESIGN!


  3. Fire Chief Bowers welcomes new challenge
    Greg Ellison Jun 20, 2019
    fire chief

    (June 21, 2019) Despite bringing more than four decades of first responder experience to the table, Ocean City’s newly appointed Fire Chief, Rich Bowers, anticipates venturing into uncharted territory because of the resort’s huge seasonal swings in population.

    “I’m always up for a challenge and I want to learn,” he said.

    Bowers, who was introduced as Ocean City’s second-ever top official for the combined career and volunteer Fire and EMS departments during the City Council work session last Tuesday, previously filled similar roles in Montgomery County, Maryland and Fairfax County, Virginia.

    Speaking this week, Bowers expressed gratitude to assume the role of fire chief for, in addition to fellow first responders, business owners, renters, and resort property owners.

    “I’m very connected with the community and … the men and women that perform the work,” he said. “I believe in focusing on our mission, which is when someone dials 911 we’re here to help.”

    Bowers said during his professional career, fire service has grown to encompass a larger purview.

    “The fire and EMS service has really evolved over my four-plus decades in the industry to really being kind of the Swiss Army knife of the community,” he said. “We can do anything just about.”

    From his earliest days as a career firefighter, Bowers has also served a dual role as an EMT.

    “Early on, I was one of the first EMTs in our department back in Montgomery County and Rockville,” he said. “It was something I was interested in as it relates to taking care of people.”

    Bowers said the trend has grown over the years with numerous firefighters also certified as EMTs or paramedics.

    “They can also respond on that same apparatus as a first response unit for an EMS call,” he said. “You get help there quicker, you get the right people there with the right equipment and certification to begin to handle the situation.”

    Fire-based EMS systems have proven to be the most efficient and effective model for the safety of community members, as well as first responders, Bowers said.

    “It has made the community safer because we’re getting there quicker and we’re doing the craft that we’ve been trained and certified to do,” he said. “We’re seeing people walk out of the hospital, where maybe years and decades ago they were not.”

    While appreciating overseeing the resort’s combined career and volunteer fire departments presents challenges, Bowers said the organizational structure is not wholly unfamiliar.

    “I cut my teeth on a combination department in both Montgomery County and Fairfax County,” he said.

    “In Ocean City, we not only rely on career and volunteer members, but also part timers, that’s a little bit unique.”

    Regardless of whether someone is in the career or volunteer camp, Bowers keyed on a common unifying sentiment.

    “The one thing that brings everybody together is training and responding to calls in a structured environment,” he said.

    Since launching his career, Bowers said training has always taken top priority.

    “We’ve got to make sure that the basis of what we do, that we’re well trained and equipped,” he said.

    Bowers said along with training, planning is the other crucial element for first responder agencies.

    “You need quality data to make informed decisions relevant to staffing and response delivery,” he said. “You have to be able to adjust what you’re doing based on population density, as well as the rise and fall of the population.”

    While not officially on board until June 24, Bowers attended the OC Air Show last weekend and was impressed with the production oversight.

    “It was a tremendous show … and it was very safely done,” he said. “The critical link of all those things happening without a flaw … was the outstanding planning. The incident action plan that was put in place was the key.”

    While recognizing Ocean City Fire and EMS already provides a high level of service, Bowers said continued improvements are still feasible.

    “That’s my vision, to try and raise the bar even a little bit more,” he said. “This is already a well-equipped, well-trained, fast-to-respond agency, but my job is to help get it a little bit better.”

    Regardless of pushing for higher service levels, Bowers said pride is the one element that can’t be replicated.

    “The men and women have the pride and the passion to perform the duties and responsibilities to provide service to the public,” he said. “You can’t train somebody, you can’t educate somebody in that regard, they’ve got to bring it.”

    By retaining pride in their duties, Bowers said first responders maintain high morale while delivering top-notch service to the community.

    “We’ve always got to be ready, that’s my mantra,” he said. “I’m ready to learn and ready to share … because I think I’m going to learn as much in return, That’s what I look forward to in being your fire chief in Ocean City.”


  4. Beware of the nasty service advisor @ Pohanka Honda with the name of Faith. This butch dog belongs somewhere not dealing with the public.


  5. Pocomoke City is a joke. The mayor had a stroke about 18 months ago and still can not speak one word. His wife runs the town and has given the contract to run the city-owned restaurant to her daughter. Think about it…how many towns or cities have a mayor who can not utter even one word?


  6. Bobby Cowger not reinstated as Pocomoke City manager
    June 20, 2019 Kyleigh Panetta

    POCOMOKE CITY, Md. – Bobby Cowger is out. Thursday night, the Pocomoke City Council voted not to reinstate the former town manager. It’s a decision he tells 47 ABC, doesn’t come as a surprise.

    “They turned their backs on me and really threw me under the bus so to speak,” says Bobby Cowger, former Pocmoke City manager. The council voted 3 -1 with one member abstaining. But Cowger is not taking that as a final answer. “We are filing a lawsuit tomorrow,” Cowger said Thursday.

    It’s a decision that’s been in the making for almost 2 months, after the council filed complaints saying Cowger lacked “trust, character and integrity”. But not every resident agrees it was the right thing to do.

    “It’s just a shame he was moving us in the right direction,” says George Young, a Pocomoke resident and business owner.

    But even Cowger’s supporters admit he did things that were controversial.

    “He was stepping on people’s toes but he was getting things done. And when you get things done you step on people’s toes. There’s going to be someone that isn’t going to like what you do or how you do it. But he was making things happen,” says Young.

    As Cowger pushes forward, he tells 47 ABC that he knows he made an impact on Pocomoke for the better. ‘No matter what happened tonight I still can stand and say I made Pokomoke better in the 18 months that I was there, than it was before I came here,” Cowger says.

    While many residents tell 47 ABC they’re sad to see Cowger go, they are hopeful for the future.

    “That’s the only way we’re going to move forward and have positive change is to have involvement. Of course not everyone is going to agree on what that positive change is,” says Susan Harrison, a Pocomoke resident.

    Regardless of the outcome, most people tell 47 ABC they hope the town can move forward from here and get back to the things that matter most.


    1. Bobby Cowger should have never been hired for that position in the first place. He had absolutely no experience and education except for winning a popularity contest as county commissioner twice. He kept screwing up and doing things without permission and deserved to be fired. I’m sorry that the Cowger Cousins are raising hell about this on Facebook, but tough shit.


  7. Look at those menial salaries, but yet Big 🤥 Bob is paying his girlfriend, Michele Ennis, $120,000 per year. That is assinine!!


  8. Well, it’s been 18 days since Michele Ennis was legally relieved of her duties by the Wicomico County Council and she is still roaming the halls of the Government Office Building terrorizing county employees. WTH is wrong with this County? I can’t wait to see the Sheriff’s Office escort Michele Ennis out of our building. Hopefully they will be escorting Big 🤥 Bob out in cuffs also.

    Bob Culver, Please RESIGN!


  9. Does anyone think it’s appropriate for a County Executive to have an intimate affair with one of their “appointed” department heads? Is it also appropriate to reward said department head with a pay increase of $50,000 in less than 2 years?


      1. 7:47 PM says STFU – Shut The Fx Up. There are only two people that I could think of that would get triggered over 3:48 PM’s statement and that would be Big 🤥Bob and/or Michele Ennis. Now which one said STFU?? Any guesses?


  10. Wicomico County Current Job Opportunities

    Correctional Officer I – $35,300
    Crew Leader I-Roads Division – $35,484
    Human resources Manager I – $36,000-$38,000
    Maintenance Technician-Airport – $30,600
    Motor Equipment Operator IV-Roads – $36,522
    Motor Equipment Operator I-Roads – $29,002
    Police Communications Operator I – $31,500

    Sad thing about these salaries is when Maryland’s new $15p/h minimum wage law goes into effect ($31,200), several of these jobs will become minimum wage paying jobs while others will be paying only a few cents above the new minimum wage.

    Wicomico County is also currently seeking Requests for Proposal for Legal Services to contract qualified attorneys and law firms to provide service to the County.


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