Dorchester County Sheriff’s Office Press Release

Deputies from the Dorchester County Sheriff’s Office responded to 6245 Rossing Street, Hurlock, Md. for a reported Domestic assault that had occurred. The victim stated that 41 year old Tyrone Lamonte Blake of that address had assaulted her and threatened her and 2 children living there with a pump shotgun. He allegedly fired the gun in the front yard of the home. The suspect Blake was arrested and charged with Attempted Second Degree Murder, False Imprisonment, Wearing and Carrying a Dangerous Weapon with the Intent to Injure, First degree Assault, Second Degree Assault and 3 counts of Reckless Endangerment. He was ordered Held without Bond. The victim was treated and released from the Dorchester Hospital.

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5 thoughts on “Dorchester County Sheriff’s Office Press Release

  1. “You is RAYCISS”

    Rayciss – not a word from the English language, or any language known to man. Usually used by people with less than 8 teeth because it is easily pronounced without a full set of teeth. Its actual meaning is unknown but possibly refers to someone who has participated in an automobile race or possibly a horse race. Rarely refers to human footrace because the user of the term is rarely sober enough to stand up, much less run. This term is frequently used in ghetto areas such as Salisbury, Cambridge or Baltimore. Used most frequently is the suburbs of the District of Columbia.


  2. Anyone else notice anything familiar about the suspects/arrested in these press releases and pictures today?


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