Queen Anne County Armed Robbery Suspect

INCIDENT: Armed Robbery DATE / TIME: 6/29/19 at approximately 4:47 PM LOCATIONS: Kent Island Depot 320 Romancoke Rd. Stevensville, MD 21666 SUSPECTS: Suspect One: Black male, mid to late twenties , wearing a black baseball cap, black t-shirt, black shorts with blue on the bottom, wearing sunglasses, and a blue bandana. Armed with a silver revolver Suspect Two: Black male, early to mid-twenties, wearing a black hooded jacket, black shirt black pants and a black face mask, hair style was short dreadlocks. DETAILS: On June 29th at approximately 4:47 pm, two black males entered the Kent Island Depot. The preliminary investigation revealed that Suspect one went to the front counter and approached the clerk. Suspect one then went behind the counter, while the clerk was distracted. Suspect one then put a blue bandana over his face, displayed his firearm, and announced “this is a robbery.” While Suspect One was with the front clerk, Suspect two approached an employee at the rear of the store near the walk-in cooler. Suspect Two asked the employee to get him a thirty pack of beer. As the employee was going into the walk-in cooler, he saw Suspect Two pull a black face mask over his face. Suspect two then attempted to lock the employee in the walk-in cooler. The employee was able to get out of the walk-in cooler and a struggle ensued between Suspect Two and the employee with both falling to the ground. At that time, Suspect One came to Suspect Two’s aid and pointed the firearm at the employee and said “let him go”. The employee complied and both Suspects fled with an undisclosed amount of cash. Suspect One and Suspect Two were last seen running on foot on the shoulder of south bound Romancoke Rd. It is believed that both suspects fled the area in an unknown model, gray, pick-up truck last seen traveling north on Romancoke Rd. Anyone with any information about this incident is asked to contacted the Queen Annes County Office of the Sheriff at 410-758-0770 or Det./Cpl. Bassaro #0144 at 410-758-0770 ext.1256 DEPUTY: Detective/Corporal Bassaro #0144 CASE: 190018749


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  1. Wow! They actually identified the ethnic group of the suspect! Better fire the Press Officer! Not allowed to do that cause it be racissss.


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