Shark Summer In Ocean City

Have received word from multiple people that what they believe are great white sharks have made ocean city their summer home. Please be careful if you enter the ocean


17 thoughts on “Shark Summer In Ocean City

  1. When I was a kid,maybe 10 or so,OC lifeguards when haywire one July day trying to get everyone out of the water.I grudgingly got out of the water and went up to where our gear was on the beach just in time to see a dorsal fin sticking at least 3′ out of the water passing within 50 yards of the shore,parallel to the beach.I had no desire to resume swimming that day.I’m now 66,so as a previous commentor stated,sharks are nothing new.


  2. I think all the mean ones are stay down to the Carolinas. How many times you see a news story around here about an individual what got bit on?


  3. I saw a guy at the beach yelling “Help, Shark! Help!”

    I just laughed… I knew the Shark wasn’t gonna help him.


  4. I graduate from Wicomico Countee High Skool

    and I am a Fire Man too @ Salisbury Fire Depo

    I am strong, and will kill that shark

    let me find my swim trunks


      1. 524

        I do, and drive a white pickup and work at the College in Maintenance

        I am very strong and a high Skool graduamuate


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  5. A friend of mine just went clamming in the Chincoteague Bay yesterday and said he was going to head out for a swim when he saw two sharks in the tide. Several other watermen told me they are seeing a lot of sharks as well. They are also being seen around the Bay Bridge Tunnel. A herd of Hammerheads are down there as well.


    1. Big deal. Sharks have been here forever. 40 years ago we would go out of George Island Landing with 55 gallon drums with a piece of chain welded on with a huge hook on the end. We would bait it with a whole dead chicken and just leave it overnight. We caught many big sharks, some over 100 lbs.


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