Wicomico County What Is The Deal With Michele Ennis?

I have been reading the comments coming into this site and one question that keeps getting asked is what is the deal with Michele Ennis? She was turned down by the County Council for her upgraded job title and yet we have heard nothing more on the matter. Is she working the job on a lower pay scale? Is she legally allowed to continued working without Council approval? This is really a confusing situation and one we have had no concrete answer to.


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  1. Bob Culver gets elected and hired his daughter after his Cellar Door restaurant FAILED! Unethical! Then Bob Culver fires all the part-time older employees at the landfill who were working extra hours to supplement their retirement to make ends meet. Then he gives his son a full-time job with benefits at the landfill. That is extremely unethical! Those elderly gentlemen needed those jobs! Bob Culver also fired these department heads: Gary Mackes, Lee Beauchamp, Andrew Mackel, Dawn Mitchell Parks, Leslie Lewis, and Bob Bryant.

    Bob Culver also fired Sharon Morris, the Assistant Director of Administration for Wicomico County. She was the highest ranking African American in the county and Culver fired her. Unethical! These are just a few of the Wicomico County employees that Culver is responsible for their firing.

    Bob Culver, you are a ruthless P.O.S. and you need to resign!


    1. Dawn Mitchell Parks was not fired. She resigned due to the Michele terrorizing the Finance department but you are on the right path. Take a look at all the Directors that have left in the last few years (Planning&Zoning, Corrections, IT, Finance, Local Mgmt Board, etc). Finance alone has had 4 directors and now Michele. One director was only there a week. The only department head positions that have not turned over since Bob took office are Emergency Services and HR until she was given the Finance Director position! The list goes on with staff leaving. Like the saying goes “People don’t quit bad jobs, they quit bad bosses!” Bob is a bad boss for letting Michele harass any employee that does not agree with her. She lies to him constantly and he believes her even when staff can prove that she lied.


  2. Let us remind you of Culver’s Reign of Terror as the County Executive!

    “Wicomico finance, public works directors fired”

    Phil Davis, pdavis3@dmg.gannett.comPublished 11:00 a.m. ET Jan. 6, 2015 | Updated 11:32 a.m. ET Jan. 8, 2015

    Both Wicomico County Finance/Budget Director Andrew Mackel and Public Works Director Lee Beauchamp are no longer with the county.

    County Executive Bob Culver said “this was strictly my decision” in reference to Mackel’s firing and announced via a statement Tuesday that Beauchamp had also been let go. “We were on different paths,” Culver said of Mackel’s firing, adding that the choice was made after a meeting with the county’s various department heads.

    Mackel was appointed to the position on July 1, 2011, by former County Executive Rick Pollitt. He worked with Pollitt and Director of Administration Wayne Strausburg on yearly county budgets and oversaw the operations and accounting divisions of the county finance department.
    Beauchamp was also appointed by Pollitt on July 1, 2013, replacing former director John Redden.
    Culver spoke briefly of Mackel, saying “he did a very good job for the county” during his last two years as the department head, and that the decision was not a cost-cutting move.

    Mackel and Beauchamp join former county spokeswoman Tamara Lee-Brooks and Parks and Recreation Director Gary Mackes as high-ranking employees to leave their positions with the county after Culver took over as county executive in December.

    After Culver defeated Pollitt with a campaign of fiscal conservatism, questions were raised about how that would translate for the county’s 10 department directors.
    The county executive said the week after his election “the rumor going around about me cleaning house is not true,” adding that he would create a “transition team” to evaluate the various county departments.

    On Tuesday, Culver said the team had spoken with the various departments “about two to three weeks ago,” but emphasized Mackel’s firing was not a result of those meetings.
    He also announced the members of the transition team, a seven-member team of various business owners, county employees and elected officials.

    In a statement, Culver said he has met with the team twice and “in addition to analyzing departments, this group will make recommendations on the rebranding of the county and social issues like the heroin epidemic and homelessness.”

    “By using a ‘transition team,’ it will speed up the process of research and analysis of fiscal issues; policies and procedures; and function and structure of county government,” his statement read.
    Culver also said the team will not be paid for by county funds and will work pro bono during the process.

    In fiscal year 2014, Mackel earned $96,700, according to county records. No current salary information was immediately available for Beauchamp.

    Culver said the search for Mackel’s and Beauchamp’s replacements “will begin immediately” and that “no disruption in service is expected.” He added he has six months to make an appointment, which will be subject to a majority vote approval by the seven-member County Council.
    Culver’s Transition Team

    • Gail Bartkovich, former District 3 Wicomico County Councilwoman
    • Ron Boltz, president/CEO Alarm Engineering; second vice chair of Greater Salisbury Committee
    • Robert Eaton, hearing examiner for county Board of Education; Salisbury city solicitor from 1986-1999; Wicomico County Ethics Commission member from 1986-2012
    • Edwin Heatwole, principal engineer at AWB Engineers
    • Brian Kilgore, owner of Eastern Shore Coffee and Water and Eastern Shore Self-Storage; served six years on county Board of Education
    • Robert Moore, president and managing partner of Moore & Company, P.A.; chairman of Salisbury University Foundation and other nonprofit boards and committees
    • John Terrell, Former deputy director of Wicomico County Department of Recreation, Parks and Tourism


  3. Does anyone know if Bob Culver paid his taxes this year? Remember when he failed to pay his county property taxes and made the Finance Director postpone the County Tax Sale because he didn’t have the money to pay his property taxes. That pissed off the municipalities so he hasn’t been on good terms with the Mayors of these municipalities.


  4. In all fairness, does anyone think it is appropriate for a County Executive or a Mayor to have sex with a department head and then reward that department head with a $50,000 a year pay increase?? Many of us think this is very unethical! Culver has been outed and needs to step down.


    1. YES, YES, YES, and finally, YES!!! It is perfectly ethical for a County Executive or Mayor to have sex with a Department Head and reward her with a $120,000 job. Now please STOP IT. Are you jealous?


  5. It’s been 35 days since Michele Ennis was legally relieved of her duties(Fired) by the Wicomico County Council and she is still roaming the halls of the Government Office Building terrorizing county employees. WTH is wrong with this Bob Culver? He claims that he interprets the Charter differently, but ironically his own attorney Paul Wilber disagrees with him! I can’t wait to see the Sheriff’s Office escort Michele Ennis out of our building. Hopefully, they will be escorting Big 🤥 Bob out in cuffs also

    Bob Culver, RESIGN!!


  6. That is one toxic leader. Fortunately, our department does not deal with her on the daily but can speak first hand for her horrible leadership and management. We all hate when she comes here. She has major communication problems, inconsistency in following procedures and policy, narcissistic, and causes many physical and emotional health effects.


  7. It’s called Power of P. Oh and it’s incredible how low people will take themselves for $$$


  8. Not only is she working there, the recent firing of the accountant, the Deputy director leaving, the Accounts payable left clearly shows that she is unable to run a department effectively. Michele knows nothing about policy vs procedure within County finance, Bob and Michele threatens everyone with their job if they talk to council or question them if something is fraudulent or unethical.


    1. No, the County Council doesn’t really control the budget. The approve it. They can cut the budget, but they can’t add to it. Bob Culver “control’s the budget.”


    1. Austin Whitehead is a joke who doesn’t even live in Mark Kilmer’s District 2. He has been living in District 5 with his girlfriend/fiance and that is a fact! His address is his mommy’s basement in District 2 but he doesn’t live there.


  9. You know Robin Cockey isn’t this stupid, but he is laughing all the way to the bank with Michele and Bob’s money.

    Attorney enters battle surrounding Culver cabinet
    Jul 3rd, 2019 · by Greg Bassett
    Michele Campbell Ennis is still going to work each day, serving as Finance Director for Wicomico County.

    Michele C. Ennis
    The County Council has rejected her appointment to that job, but County Executive Bob Culver is standing firm in his contention that her job status is solely his decision.

    A letter written to County Council President John Cannon last week by Salisbury employment attorney Robin R. Cockey seeks to explain Culver’s thinking on the matter.

    Cockey, who has been hired to legally represent Ennis in what has become an ordeal that’s affecting county government, argues that the Finance Director post holds special weight in the executive cabinet, and its occupant is Culver’s decision.

    Robin R. Cockey
    Indeed, the County Charter does apply qualification details to the Finance Director and Public Works Director’s offices, while also establishing separate rules for the selection and retention of the County Attorney.

    “Manifestly, that arrangement is designed to depoliticize appointment of the county’s Chief Financial Officer, a conclusion reinforced by the fact that the charter actually spells out professional qualifications for the position — a measure not undertaken for other Department Heads,” Cockey writes in his letter to Cannon.

    The lawyer cites Sections 501 and 505 of the County Charter, which makes clear that the Finance Director works directly for the County Executive.

    Cockey, however, neither makes mention of the appointments process outlined in Section 315 (all department heads must receive council confirmation to serve) nor the post-election re-confirmation process outlined in Section 413 (all department heads are subject to a reappointment verdict within six months of a County Executive election.

    Cockey asserts: “Three weeks ago, the County Council entertained a self-generated resolution purporting to ‘confirm’ her appointment. As I have already explained, I believe that resolution was of no effect, because the charter proscribes a specific procedure for appointing the Finance Director.

    “Unlike other Department Heads, the Finance Director is to be appointed by the County Executive, without council confirmation,” Cockey writes.

    In an interview on Monday, Cannon declined to engage all of Cockey’s comments, but disputed Cockey’s conclusions.

    He also pointed out that the council’s oversight and reappointment powers have been affirmed.

    “I’m not certain why Robin Cockey is continuing to send me and the council such letters,” Cannon said. “He should be addressing these to the County Attorney (Paul Wilber) or the County Council Attorney (Robert Taylor), since they each have clearly and publicly stated that the council’s position is completely substantiated.”

    Cockey, in his letter, declines to connect Sections 501 and 503, the Finance Director reporting structure, with Sections 315 and 413, involving the confirmation process.

    County Executive Bob Culver and County Council President John Cannon.
    Cockey also goes to great lengths to promote Ennis’ skills and experience, which the council hasn’t openly commented on or disputed.

    “Having begun her public service career in 2003 with the county’s Finance Department, and having then been promoted to Payroll Manager and ultimately county Human Resource Director, I think most people would acknowledge she had exactly the right hands-on experience to manage the county’s finances,” Cockey wrote.

    According to her resume, Ennis has an Accounting degree from Salisbury University, a master’s in Human Resource Management from Wilmington University and a doctorate in Organizational Leadership from the University of Maryland Eastern Shore.

    Cockey is deeply familiar with local politics. He was a longtime Salisbury City Council member and once served as Council President.

    Regarded as the area’s pre-eminent employment attorney, Cockey has a long history of discussing his clients’ case details with the media to exert pressure on either their current or former employers. This newspaper, however, independently obtained a copy of his letter to Cannon last week.

    In that letter, Cockey takes Cannon to task for comments the Council President has made in the local media.

    “Dr. Ennis and I were, frankly, dismayed when, following the (June 18) council meeting, you wrote her warning that the council had withheld its ‘confirmation’ and she should desist from taking any action as county Finance Director.

    “Since the County Executive is her boss, and the only official who, to our knowledge, has the power to appoint her, Dr. Ennis sought direction from Mr. Culver, who ordered her to stay the course. Dr. Ennis has heeded Mr. Culver’s direction, and intends to continue to do so.”

    Cockey goes on to label the matter a “fake controversy” and then states that “Dr. Ennis has asked me to make it clear she is determined to fulfill her public trust, and will, if need be, take legal action to make sure she is free of harassment and spurious claims.”


    1. “… doctorate in Organizational Leadership from the University of Maryland Eastern Shore.”

      A doctorate in Organizational Leadership?? Big Fkn Deal!! What does “Organizational Leadership” have to do with being the Director of Finance?? Absolutely NOTHING!! and a degree from UMES?? Enough Said!!!


  10. It’s been 34 days since Michele Ennis was legally relieved of her duties(Fired) by the Wicomico County Council and she is still roaming the halls of the Government Office Building terrorizing county employees. WTH is wrong with this Bob Culver? He claims that he interprets the Charter differently, but ironically his own attorney Paul Wilber disagrees with him! I can’t wait to see the Sheriff’s Office escort Michele Ennis out of our building. Hopefully, they will be escorting Big 🤥 Bob out in cuffs also.


  11. She is still working illegally in the Finance Department and the employees that haven’t been fired are quitting. No one wants to work for the incompetent witch. Just because she has a PhD doesn’t qualify her for anything.


    1. Yes, he is. How the Hell did he get re-elected? Sadly, Jack Heath wouldn’t have been any better. This county was better off with Rick Pollitt and much better off with the Council/Manager form of government.


  12. I asked my councilman Bill McCain about this and he told me he didn’t vote to remove her and he didn’t want to talk about it.


    1. Bill McCain is a liberal Snowflake that should never have been elected. He barely beat Julie Brewington. I bet she will spank him at the next election.


  13. Ennis is still at the GOB working as the director of finance. She is not working the job on a lower pay scale. She is working as the director of finance getting paid $120,000. She has caused many of the department employees to leave. No one wants to work with her.


    1. No employee in Wicomico County is worth $120,000 a year. Heck, Culver is paying his girlfriend $35,000 more a year than he is making. Hopefully, in 3 years Culver will be in the unemployment line.


  14. LOOK!!! as I have repeatedly told you. NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING is going to happen. The impotent, and I mean IMPOTENT County Council does not have the GONADS to do anything about Michele. The County Council would have to sue Wicomico County to even begin the physical removal of Michele from service with Wicomico County. ROTFLMFAO:)


    1. Um, the County Council is the ones who voted to deny her confirmation so I am pretty sure they are the ones with the gonads, unlike you running your mouth on here anonymously. It’s Bob Culver that is violating the County Charter so if you have a beef then you should be going after Bob Culver. I bet you didn’t go to the County Council meetings to express your thoughts, did you?? Nope, Anonymous says July 8, 2019 at 11:06 am is obviously the one without the gonads.


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