Website Updates

It has been a very tough time lately but I have finally gotten snarkier back to run the website. I am going to a more administrative role but will still post periodically.


5 thoughts on “Website Updates

  1. Austin Whitehead has lived at 1331 Middleneck Drive for at least 2 years. Just because he hasn’t changed his drivers license and voter registration from his mommy’s address doesn’t mean he is a legal resident of District 2, it means he is breaking the law. Is this who you want making decisions for you? He is also a Democrat identifying as a Republican.


  2. JT,

    Please take a close look at this Austin Whitehead scam. Just watched the county council meeting held on July 2, it’s on youtube, and he said twice that he was a has lived in District 2 all his life when he has lived outside that district for months on Middle Neck Drive.

    If he can’t be straight about that, how can we trust him on the council? Who wants someone who lives in another place to represent them?

    And 3 members on the council want to appoint him knowing where he is living. As someone said, Wicomico County is becoming a real banana republic.


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