Ocean City Police Investigating Fatal Motorcycle Collision

OCEAN CITY, MD – (July 31, 2019): Ocean City police officers are continuing to investigate a fatal crash involving a motorcycle that occurred Tuesday, July 30, 2019.

Officers attempted to initiate a traffic stop on a motorcycle in the area of 45th Street. The motorcycle fled from officers, at which time the officers did not pursue the motorcycle and lost sight of the driver.

At approximately 9:44 p.m., Ocean City Communications received a call regarding a serious accident northbound at 59th Street on Coastal Highway. The preliminary investigation revealed that a motorcycle ran a red light and collided with a Ford Explorer that was attempting to make a U-turn northbound onto Coastal Highway. Investigation revealed that the motorcycle involved in the incident was from the attempted traffic stop at 45th street. The motorcycle driver was pronounced deceased at the scene. The three occupants of the Ford Explorer were not injured.

Northbound lanes of Coastal Highway were closed for several hours and a traffic pattern was established by Ocean City Public Works. Ocean City’s Traffic Safety Unit is still investigating the collision at the time of this release. The victim’s name has not yet been released, pending next of kin notification.


Update: The victim has been identified as Brian Douglas 2nd of Mechanicsville, Maryland.


11 thoughts on “Ocean City Police Investigating Fatal Motorcycle Collision

  1. Killing bikers over a stupid traffic violation good work OCPD I hope you idiots don’t have bikers in your family.


    1. Typical snowflake mentality! No accountability for ones actions. Mr. Douglas killed himself, not the actions of the OCPD. Had he done what he should have, which is pull over, he would still be around today to tell his tale of how he was unjustly stopped by the OCPD.

      Mr. Douglas chose his own fate.


    2. how is it the OCPD fault that the rider wasn’t watching where he was going? He was the one responsible for that bike! He failed! If this is how you choose to a motorcycle then be prepared to pay the same consequences! RIDE RESPONSIBLY!!!!!


  2. Guy’s air bags probably failed to deploy. Such are the vicissitudes of life when a person chooses to use a crotch rocket as a means of conveyance.


  3. Looking at a picture like that its crazy to think what a direct hit from a good sized hurricane could do. OC would be gone.


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