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Snarkier contacted me today and informed me that several people have left comments critical of them for posting under an assumed name instead of using their real one as I have complained about in the past.

Do I prefer people use their real names? Yes but I absolutely get not wanting to do so. There are tons of hateful ass people out there who will go after your family, career etc because they don’t like what you have to say.

I have always prided myself to using my real name because I’m not afraid of it but honestly if I could go back in time I would tell me of 10 years ago to not use my real name and just stay happy in the world being just another person in the crowd.

Snarky has a family with so I absolutely told them not to use their real name. Got a problem with that then come to me you know my cell is +14104222948 and my email is

I don’t even log on anymore which has been so nice and I am thankful to have help keeping this going for anyone that needs help. I feel bad for snarky however because I know what shitty comments are left and am thankful I don’t have see them anymore


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  2. Oh wow highly intelligent 10:58 chimed in……you know they are nothing but trolls for you know who…….wish you guys would let me use his name!!!


  3. Woooo 8:41 got their little feelings hurt, you are worse than what you say about Snarky!!! Go back to your basement little child!!! Ha ha ha


  4. Snarky comes on here and makes ignorant smart ass comments to posters but then runs and cries to JT because people are saying rude things to him. Don’t dish it if you can’t take it.


  5. Two thoughts from a longtime (since 2009) reader: 1. Snaky you’re on a blog so you need skin like a rino and 2. Jt I come to the blog for your personality so please keep posting


  6. I’m with you JT and Snarky! 99% of commenters post using no name or a fake name! Snarky or anybody posting should not feel pressured to use their real name! With the nuts running lose today who wants any harassment from dummies…..


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