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The City of Salisbury strongly believes that accidents are preventable, not inevitable, and the reworking of Waverly Drive is the first step towards preventing severe and fatal crashes. When a road is designed in such a way that it enables vehicles to travel at a speed much higher than the posted speed limit, it is the City’s responsibility to find a solution which keeps everyone safe.

Not only has the street been simplified via the removal of multiple, unnecessary turn lanes and median striping, but narrowed as well, to slow down traffic and promote safety in the area. In 2015, when plans were first coming together for the Salisbury Bike Network, Waverly Drive was one of the top chosen roads to become more bike-friendly. The new bike lane will soon to be outfitted with more permanent lane delineator posts and rumble strips.

Fatal cyclist collisions have been as high as 783 across the United States in recent years, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The City of Salisbury looks forward to being a proponent for pedestrian safety, and the Waverly Drive improvements are just one of the components of our Vision Zero Network initiative, which works to eliminate traffic fatalities and increase safe mobility for all.


To see the City’s full Bike Network Master Plan visit:

For more details and reading material on pedestrian and bicyclist safety, visit: or for more information on Vision Zero Network, we encourage you to explore


7 thoughts on “Bike Safety Salisbury

  1. Just traveled waverly today. If bicycles are the new chosen mode of transportation it will be interesting to see how backed up traffic becomes when rush hour turns occur


  2. After my husband had traveled Waverly North to South & couldn’t believe what had been done, I specifically took that route home that day. Traveling South to North, I would be shocked if there aren’t head-on collisions in some people’s future. There is so little room in the vehicle lanes now it’s ridiculous! How much time & money was thrown into this crap?! Most bicyclists that I ever see don’t obey traffic laws, but I’m sure it will be someone else’s fault when they get hit! 2 by the zoo yesterday came flying out from a stop sign that they ignored, close enough that they could have been hit if the drivers hadn’t been paying attention.


  3. maybe the city of salisbury should just ban all cars and only let bicycles and the thousands of homeless to use the streets


  4. Notice how much money Jake Day is blowing on all these bike lanes and bike trails for his pals? Ridiculous!


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