Crisfield Crab Derby Parade Location Change


2 thoughts on “Crisfield Crab Derby Parade Location Change

  1. Crab derby is getting worse and worse. Food is terrible (but chicken on a stick), they lost all the good venders, rides have gone down hill, crab races need to be expanded, music all day, and entertainment all day. It’s sad but why boat across the bay when it’s nothing new or exciting. It’s turned into thug vile and night and drunks everywhere… Sad but this festival has turned into crap…


  2. Letter to the Editor

    I watched the Wicomico County Council meeting on PAC 14 with disgust last night. The newly appointed council member for Marc Kilmer voted with the Democrats on a very important vote over the rejection of Paul Wilber.

    That’s right, Nicole Acle proved last night that she isn’t a Republican and the Republican Central Committee made a mistake forwarding her name as Councilman Kilmer.

    Nicole Acle, you are a RINO and you proved it last night. I hope you don’t plan on running for “re-election” in 2020 because you are TOAST!!

    Not a RINO Nicole supporter.


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