Carol Smith Has Withdrawn From District 4 Council Race

I saw yesterday that the third candidate for District 4 Carol Smith has withdrawn from the race for my district leaving me and Michelle Gregory as a head to head race.


8 thoughts on “Carol Smith Has Withdrawn From District 4 Council Race

  1. Let’s all remember this, Michele Gregory had her baby sitting service shut down because of numerous inspections violations. The last one that broke the camels back was 20 out of 20. Do you want this fat lazy POS making decisions for your city?


  2. Stick with it JT!!! Politics are a dirty business anymore…..some dick wad others always looking for dirt on somebody!!


  3. I want to see a debate between you and Michelle. I heard her speak at one of the candidate forums. Her responses were so far out in left field that they were ridonkulous.


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